WWE RAW 2020 03 23 Free Live Stream

Watch WWE RAW 2020 03 23 Free Live Stream DX-TV






WWE RAW 2020 03 23 Free Live Stream



he word is WWE is going to tape a lot of content this week, including WrestleMania. The next few weeks of WWE TV will take place this week.

Honestly, at this point, it makes no difference either way. Without crowds, there’s a much lower chance for things getting spoiled than say taping a show in the WWE

UK four hours before airing. And this will allow them to edit segments as needed and make sure it comes off exactly as they want it. Because while live shows

add unpredictability, they also can mess up with no way to fix it. WWE

Taping weeks in advance will allow them to make sure things look exactly the way they want it. There will be no botched finishes (I’m looking at you 

WrestleMania 35’s main event). If there’s a promo that doesn’t come off the way they thought, they can do it again.

Of course the most important reason is to stock up on content while they still can. WWE has 7 hours of TV to fill a week with Raw, SmackDown, and NXT.

And as things continue to change regarding the gathering restrictions with coronavirus, there’s definitely no guarantee that they will be able

to keep taping live weekly. Or if someone on their staff, wrestlers or production crew, were get the virus, that would likely halt all production as well.

If the requirements for social distancing are for months, there’s going to get to a point that WWE isn’t going to be able to give us new content.

So it makes sense to stockpile as many hours that they can while they can.




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WWE RAW 2020 03 23 Free Live Stream



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