AJPW Dream Power Series Day 8 2020 03 23 Free Live

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AJPW Dream Power Series Day 8 2020 03 23 Free Live




MARCH 23, 2020


Of all the wrestling promotions in Japan that had to cancel shows, All Japan got off relatively unscathed compared to New Japan having to put the

New Japan Cup on hold or Pro Wrestling NOAH having to reschedule title matches. AJPW

While there were some fun matches that were scheduled for All Japan’s shows, the bulk of the major matches were happening at Korakuen Hall.

The only major things lost were a World Tag Team Championship match between the Violent Giants and Kento Miyahara & Yoshitatsu, AJPW

as well as the return after 20 years, of the Asunaro Cup, which is All Japan’s version of the Young Lions Cup. AJPW

All Japan, like other promotions in Japan that are returning to action with an audience will be handing out surgical masks

and requiring people to have their temperature taken before they can enter the venue. AJPW

With that in mind, let’s take a look at All Japan’s big return…

AJPW Dream Power Series Day 8

This match was originally supposed to be the final two matches in the Asunaro Cup. But then shows got cancelled. And then Atsuki Aoyagi re-injured

his broken hand while training, forcing him off the show. 2AW’s Hanami is subbing for Aoyagi here. This should be a good match. Omori, Tamura and

Hayato have all shown how much they have come along as young wrestlers, and Hanami has been good the couple of times he has recently popped AJPW

up in All Japan. Hanami is the most recently debuted wrestler in this match so he is probably taking the fall here. Prediction: Dan Tamura & RISING Hayato


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AJPW Dream Power Series Day 8 2020 03 23 Free Live



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