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Holidead vs. Willow Nightingale

These two amazing talents are setting the stage in the first of three Hybrid Wrestling matches on the night. For the seven-year veteran, Holidead, she steps across the ring from the New York native and a five-year veteran herself, Willow Nightingale. This is only the third time these two have faced each other, with the most recent recorded match being their match for Synergy Wrestling on the 12th. With Holidead successful earlier in the month, will Nightingale be successful?

Watch GCW Good Riddance

1 Called Manders vs. Ellis Taylor

The second of the three matches featuring Hybrid Wrestling involves two men that are also known to GCW audiences in Manders and Taylor. Despite the age difference, Taylor has a slight advantage in in-ring experience and the younger of the two. Fans of Manders know exactly what he is willing to bring to the ring and with how much ferocity. For Taylor, he is sure to make sure to do everything he needed to do in order to come out victorious.

Watch GCW Good Riddance

Tre Lamar vs. Levi Everett

A fun matchup is slated here as Lamar and Everett face each other. This is the final matchup set up on behalf of Hybrid Wrestling. As the former trainee of Johnny Gargano and Candice LaRae, the Ohio native faces off against this hardcore Amish man. These two men once crossed paths as part of Black Label Pro’s Greatest BLP Rumble at the beginning of the year. This time around, these two come together to make history. They are facing each other for the first time at GCW’s Good Riddance.

Watch GCW Good Riddance

GCW Presents Good Riddance

Calvin Tankman vs Lee Moriarty

What a complexity of styles set to take place between these two men square off against one another. Moriarty has had a stellar 2020, earning the acclaim of fans and his peers alike. For Tankman, the massive man will strike hard and often as he faces off against Moriarty. The key to success with any match that shares a complexity of styles is either man staying to their strengths. It is also crucial to keep themselves away from the strengths of their opponents.

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