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Home PBC Boxing: Romero vs. Barroso 5/13/2023 Replay

PBC Boxing: Romero vs. Barroso 5/13/2023 Replay

    Watch Tonight PBC Boxing: Rolando Romero vs. Ismael Barroso 5/13/2023 Live Stream Main Card Full Event Replay Free Online





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    PBC Boxing: Romero vs. Barroso  CARD


    Rolando Romero vs. Ismael Barroso; Super lightweight
    Botirzhon Akhmedov vs. Kenneth Sims Jr; Super lightweight
    Rances Barthelemy vs. Omar Juarez; Super lightweight
    Esteuri Metiver Suero vs. Starling Castillo; Super lightweight
    Michael Angeletti vs. Michell Banquez; Bantamweight Boxing
    Chavez Barrientes vs. Juan Centeno; Super bantamweight
    Angel Barrientes vs. Sharone Carter; Super bantamweight
    Justin Viloria vs. Pedro Pinillo; Super featherweight
    David A. Whitmire vs. Javier Vargas; Light middleweight
    Yojanler Martinez vs. Dario Guerrero-Meneses; Super middleweight


    PBC Boxing: Romero vs. Barroso

    Rolly is happy to be on the big stage and ready to perform. It was a little too subtle for me.

    I don’t like Boxing that ” said Rolly’s trainer Cromwell ‘Bullet’ Gordon to the Mayweather Channel .

    about the final press conference last Thursday for this Saturday night’s bout between Rolando and Ismael Barroso.

    “I think he [Rolly] needed to be a little bit more disrespectful and say some things, but at this point,

    he understands that he doesn’t really need that too much. It’s something that gets him up.

    “I wish it was a little more intense because it sets your mind for war.

    He’s trying to keep Boxing it as cool as hell to keep it mellow.

    I already know the psychological part of the chess game that he’s trying to play with the mind,”

    said Bullet about Barroso keeping it calm during the final press conference.

    “You know what? Rolly is going to bring a lot to the table. You already know with a little bit of patience, but we’re still going to kick that a.

    The 140 division is a better division for him. 135, he struggled with the weight cut.

    “He’s star,” said Bullet when asked why Rolly deserves a title shot after his loss last year to Gervonta Davis and twelve months of inactivity.






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