Best of the Super Jr 28 Day 5 – 24 Nov Online Replay

Best of the Super Jr
 Best of the Super Jr

Watch NJPW Best of the Super Jr 28 Day 5 – 24 Nov 2021 Online Live Stream

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Best of the Super Jr









Best of the Super Jr




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Best of the Super Jr 28 Day 5


Main event: BUSHI (2-2) vs Hiromu Takahashi (2-1-1)

BOSJ record: 1-0 Hiromu

Headlining in the Hall, Hiromu Takahashi goes head to head with LIJ cohort, BUSHI.

This is only the second singles encounter between the two men since Hiromu’s 2016 return from excursion,

and only the third singles match between the two overall.

Best of the Super Jr

An intense bout in last year’s BOSJ saw Hiromu pick up the victory as he continued his campaign toward his final against El Desperado.

That’s a final Hiromu wants run back in 2021, but after a mixed start, BUSHI wants to build up more steam,

and after enduring the full thirty minutes in ring against Despe in Aichi this Sunday,

the Time Bomb could be vulnerable to an upset from hsi regular tag partner tonight.

Best of the Super Jr 28 Day 5

6th Match: Taiji Ishimori (3-1) vs El Phantasmo (1-3)

BULLET CLUB’s Cutest Tag Team implodes? Unlikely, but it’s also unlikely to expect either one of Ishimori or Phantasmo to lay down for the other as both enter a critical phase of the league. With two Super J-Cups under his belt, ELP was earmarked as a favourite pre-tournament, but has had a rough start at 1-3, and a loss to Robbie Eagles in a violent war in Aichi has not helped his point score. Meanwhile Ishimori has shot to 3-1, with only old enemy Yoshinobu Kanemaru providing a blotch on his record. The Bone Soldier wants to pick up another win to help solidify himself as a top runner, while Phantasmo needs a win to avoid slipping toward the elimination bubble.




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