Wrestling Observer Newsletter Archive 1987-2020 DX-TV

Wrestling Observer Newsletter Archive 1987-2020 /plus extras DX-TV

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

 Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Like it says in the title, this is all of the Wrestling Observer Newsletters from 1987 through 2020, or close to it. I’ll provide a list of what’s missing and incomplete below.

In addition to that I’ve included scattered issues from 1983 to 1986 as well as the yearbooks the Observer printed from 1982 to 1990, so there’s a lot here.

These files come from a bevy of different sources both online and offline so there’s a wide variety in appearance, quality, and size, though there’s nothing here that I’d consider strictly unreadable.

Most everything from 1991 to 2002 and June 2008 to today is straight from the Observer website, scanned by myself. The rest are generally preexisting scans from other subscribers.

that I’ve collated over the years, taken from the physical newsletters back when those were still being printed.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Some of those scans aren’t perfect and some of them I had to convert to different file types myself but in the end I’m happy with how everything looks.

Additionally, I should note some presentation issues. For starters, WON didn’t start giving titles (based on the major stories of the week) to these newsletters until they began being archived on the website.

Everything I’ve taken from the website directly uses those corresponding titles but for everything else I’ve come up with titles of my own based on what stories are covered in that issue.

If any of it sounds weird, it’s probably because of me.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Along with that, there are bound to be date discrepancies in these files. Between the website switching between print date and delivery date at whim, differences in the official Observer Index,

and plain ol’ human error (which is certainly a huge factor in whatever Dave Meltzer touches and only slightly less so with me), the dates listed for these issues might be off to some degree or another.

I’ve tried to keep things as sensible and consistent as I could.

Everything included here is in the PDF format to preserve the visual quality of the physical newsletters and for ease of use.

Here’s a list of what issues are missing or incomplete. The missing issues are just that, missing, while the incomplete issues are ones that are included.

but are missing one or more pages from the scans of the physical newsletter. Some of these should be uploaded to the Observer website in the coming months and years but who knows.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter



Other than that, this appears to be the most complete and accessible archive of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter anywhere on the internet, including the WON website itself.

Nearly two thousand issues in all. Hope you enjoy it.





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