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Watch AEW Rampage Live Oct 08 2021 Free Streaming DX-TV

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The Super Elite—AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, Adam Cole BayBay, and Matt & Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks (with Brandon Cutler, and Michael Nakazawa) vs. “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, and Jurassic Express—Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (with Marko Stunt)!

Jungle Boy and Nick Jackson started things out for their respective sides. Jungle Boy hit a nice arm drag and a dropkick to Nick Jackson. Adam Cole tagged in and began stomping a mudhole into Jungle Boy. Christian Cage tagged in and connected with hard knife-edged chops to Cole. Jungle Boy and Christian Cage employed quick tags to disorient Adam Cole.

Watch AEW Rampage

“Wow, Jungle Boy is really the workhorse of this team right now,” said Tony Schiavone.

Kenny Omega tagged in and wrenched on Jungle Boy’s wrist.

The packed arena were chanting “Kenny No-Balls!”

“Jungle Boy needs to make a tag. It’s as simple as that,” added Jim Ross.

Jungle Boy pulled down Matt Jackson with a deep arm drag and then tagged in Bryan Danielson who kicked and chopped away at Matt Jackson!

“He’ll kick your ass with either leg,” said Jim Ross.

Watch AEW Rampage

Luchasaurus tagged in to a nice ovation from the crowd. He worked over Matt Jackson in the corner with heavy strikes. Luchasaurus splashed Matt Jackson in the corner! Michael Nakazawa smashed Christian Cage on the outside with a laptop. After Brandon Cutler used the cold spray on Christian Cage, The Young Bucks spiked Christian Cage with the IndyTaker on the arena floor! Doc Sampson tried to check on Christian Cage while the Super Elite used cheap shots on Christian Cage.

“It looks like this is turning into a handicap match if Christian Cage is pulled out,” said Tony Schiavone.

Back in the ring, Adam Cole had a camel clutch on Jungle Boy and the Bucks kissed Cole on the cheek. Omega tagged in and tried for a snapdragon suplex but Jungle Boy countered with a big lariat!







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