WWE Superstar Spectacle Live 2021 01 26 Free Online

WWE Superstar Spectacle Live 2021 01 26 Free Online DX-TV

WWE Superstar Spectacle Live

 WWE Superstar Spectacle Live



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WWE Superstar Spectacle

  • WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal, the first WWE Champion of Indian descent.
  • The Bollywood Boyz, WWE Superstars Samir and Sunil Singh.
  • The first all-Indian tag team in WWE, Indus Sher, featuring Rinku and Saurav.
  • NXT Superstar Jeet Rama.
  • Kavita Devi, the first Indian woman to sign a WWE contract.
  • The Great Khali trainees Giant Zanjeer
  • (7ft 2in, 340 pounds) and Dilsher Shanky (7ft, 310 pounds). 
  • Guru Raaj, the first Indian-born high-flyer in WWE.

Superstar Spectacle

The arrival of WWE Superstar Spectacle comes at a time when WWE’s popularity in India continues to increase.

WWE is one of the most-watched sports properties in India,

and India ranks No. 1 for WWE YouTube consumption, and No 1 in WWE Facebook followers In addition,

WWE has been actively recruiting elite athletes and performers from the country. In 2019,

WWE hosted its largest tryout in history, where more than 70 top athletes from India showcased their abilities in Mumbai.

and four Indian recruits were selected to train at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, U.S.

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WWE Superstar Spectacle Live




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