WWE SmackDown 13 November 2020 Free Livestream

WWE SmackDown 13 November 2020 Free Livestream DX-TV

WWE SmackDown 13 November 2020


WWE SmackDown 06 November 2020




FRIDAY, NOV 14 | 8/7 PM

Apollo Crews challenges Sami Zayn in an Intercontinental Championship Match

Just nine days before going head to head against United States Champion Bobby Lashley of The Hurt Business at Survivor Series.

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn will put his title on the line tonight against Apollo Crews.

For weeks, Zayn has insistently proclaimed that the Intercontinental Championship is superior to the U.S. Title.

But will Crews defeat him for the championship and go on to face Lashley at WWE’s Fall Classic?

Find out tonight at 8/7 C on Friday Night SmackDown

 SmackDown 13 November 2020

The Final Chapter of Rey Mysterio’s rivalry with Seth Rollins to take place tonight

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins have both agreed the make a matchup between them tonight the final chapter in their highly personal rivalry.

Since traveling to the blue brand in the 2020 WWE Draft, The SmackDown Savior .

has continued to instigate the family turmoil centered around the relationship between Rey’s daughter Aalyah and Murphy.

But after Rollins’ lost disciple Murphy seemingly realigned with The Architect by helping him defeat Otis last week.

what role might Murphy and the Mysterio family play in their showdown? WWE SmackDown 13November 2020

Don’t miss ​​​​​​The Final Chapter of Rey Mysterio’s volatile rivalry with Seth Rollins, tonight at 8/7 C on SmackDown on FOX



WWE SmackDown 13 November 2020 Free Livestream


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WWE SmackDown 13November 2020


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 SmackDown 13 November 2020

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