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WWE RAW 2020/02/17 Live Streaming


MONDAY, FEP  17 | 8/7 PM


WWE RAW 2020 02 17



WE RAW  February 17: The ruler of Monday Night Raw will once again headline another episode of the show to solidify his Monday Night Messiah gimmick.

As per the announcement made by the WWE, Seth Rollins will conduct his first ‘sermon’ of the current heel tenure. His real-life girlfriend Becky Lynch will

also be in an unleashing mood on the show as she is hell-bent on proving her new Vampire Slayer nickname, right. Also on the show, a massive No

Holds Barred match which will be a major attraction for the crowd has been announced. Plus, the Bulgarian Brute Rusev is set to return and renew

his rivalry with Bobby Lashley as he is booked to compete in a tag team match. These segments are likely to add boost to the upcoming Super ShowDown

story lines when Raw emanates from the Angel of Winds Arena in Everett, Washington. It’s a successful attempt of the WWE Creative team where

they have been able to turn Seth Rollins a heel but yet managed to pull off repetitive headliner matches or segments featuring him. This only proves

how dominant the so-called Architects of Pain faction led by Rollins have lately become, by picking up back to back wins against their current rivals.

Rollins will now be delivering a ‘sermon’ on WWE Raw to speak out to the masses, “Come one, come all: The Monday Night Messiah is holding his

first sermon. Hot off the heels of a decisive (if slightly underhanded) Eight-Man Tag Team victory, Seth Rollins will host a “sermon” this Monday on

Raw. What, exactly, The Monday Night Messiah will preach to the masses is anybody’s guess, and Rollins is keeping his cards close to the vest on this one.

Nevertheless, this Monday, he intends to lay out the path to salvation before us. Who will walk it


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WWE RAW 2020/02/17 Live Streaming



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