Watch WWE RAW Live Online Free 21 12 2020 DX-TV

Watch WWE RAW Live Online Free 21 12 2020 DX-TV

Watch WWE RAW Live Online

 Watch WWE RAW Live Online

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What’s next for Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles after their epic clash?

AJ Styles brought his best, The Miz even brought his briefcase, and Drew McIntyre still left WWE TLC as WWE Champion.

The King of Claymore Country still reigns supreme after a thrilling Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match, overcoming The Phenomenal.

One at the top of his game and an unexpected Money in the Bank Cash-In by The Miz. WWE RAW Live Online

As the new year draws nearer, what’s next for these competitors following this chaotic encounter? Find out on Raw, Monday night at 8/7 C on USA Network

Watch WWE RAW Live Online

What’s in store after the most shocking chapter yet m

in the rivalry between Randy Orton and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt?

Has Randy Orton finally rid himself of The Fiend?

The Viper repeatedly said he’d stop at nothing to put an end to his long-running issue with Bray Wyatt, and he made good on his word in sadistic fashion at WWE TLC.

What’s in store next for Orton? Will Wyatt still find a way to torment his nemesis?  WWE RAW Live Online

Experience the fallout from the latest chapter in this heated rivalry Monday night on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network

Watch WWE RAW Live Online

Monday Night Raw results: Dec. 14, 2020

AJ Styles has been trying to put together the perfect game plan for taking the WWE Title from Drew McIntyre at WWE TLC.

The Phenomenal One was happy to needle Sheamus about his Brogue Kick to the WWE Champion last week, and the fight broke out soon after.

Styles had his own insurance plan for the encounter, as his associate Omos thwarted an early powerbomb attempt from Sheamus. 

With a hobbled ankle, Sheamus attempted to take Styles up to the top rope, but a reversal helped The Phenomenal One lock up the win in a matchup of former WWE Champions.

Styles was far from finished, as Omos tangled a charging Sheamus in the ropes and allowed The Phenomenal One to tee off with a series of kicks and a brutal chair attack to the defenseless Superstar.

The message to his WWE TLC opponent was sent. The Nightmare Before TLC had been delivered.

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 WWE RAW Live Online

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