Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020 Best Of The Super Jr 27

Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020 Best Of The Super Jr 27 Livestream DX-TV


Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020


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Hirooki Goto and Shingo Takagi started the main event for their respective CHAOS and LIJ teams,

muscle colliding with muscle until an upper hand off a tackle brought YOSHI-HASHI in for double team offense.

The Dragon had the wherewithal to counter more combined offense though,

hip tossing Goto onto YOSHI-HASHI and taking control on the floor.  Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020

The LIJ duo honed in on YOSHI-HASHI’s long troubled left shoulder,

which troubled the headhunter too much to make the tag even after a suplex to SANADA.

The Headhunter neckbreaker to Shingo though finally brought in Goto,

who unloaded on his NEVER Open weight Championship opponent from back in February.

Unlike early in the match though, it was Shingo with the upper hand on Goto,

as tandem offense did its damage, but Goto was able to evade .

a SANADA backflip Skull End attempt to snap Cold Skull’s head across his knee, bringing YOSHI-HASHI back in. 

Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020

Flowing from one move to the next, the CHAOS team connected with .

an assisted Ushigoroshi to SANADA, and a double neck breaker on Shingo.

The GYR landed on SANADA to get a two count, and the match broke down as Takagi interrupted the GYW,

bodies flying until all four men were down on the mat. 

Shingo and SANADA were first on their feet, and took over on YOSHI-HASHI.

A Magic Screw led to the Headhunter put in position for a SANADA Moonsault.

YOSHI-HASHI escaped however, and Goto made the save from Skull End, but Takagi again prevented the finishing GYR.

As the match grew ever more chaotic, a series of roll-ups almost put CHAOS on top,

until Skull End was applied in the middle of the ring by SANADA for the victory.  

Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020






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Watch Wrestling NJPW Nov 25 2020



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