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BoSJ’s CHAOS derby saw Robbie Eagles meet SHO in the semi main event. Eagles looked for the Ron Miller Special early.

but found himself on the receiving end of a stiff knee and kick to the back in response before SHO targeted the Australian’s arm.

Eagles did his own damage with a lowpe con giro and then set to work on SHO’s knee, an Indian Deathlock having SHO reeling.

A spear created space for SHO, but a springboard dropkick from Eagles further exacerbated the left knee damage.

Eagles followed with a 619 from the floor to SHO’s knee on the apron. 

 Wrestling NJPW

and the Asai DDT landed from ring post to ringside mats, putting SHO close to a count out loss.

Back inside, SHO refused to fall from Eagles’ lariats, but did go down to an enzuigiri, only to block a follow-up hurricanrana into a brutal Power breaker.

Eagles dug deep to hit the Turbo Backpack for two. Testing wills, Eagles and SHO exchanged elbows, before a middle kick from Eagles sent SHO down.

SHO evaded the 450 to the knee, and even a kick in mid motion from Eagles didn’t prevent a lariat and cross arm piledriver.

Eagles fought tooth and nail to prevent the Shock Arrow, and an innovative reverse DDT found the mark, the 450. Wrestling NJPW 

Wrestling NJPW

and Ron Miller Special locked in for the submission victory.

The main event followed the CHAOS derby with an LIJ one.

Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI showed their knowledge of one another as teammates early,

both evenly matched in attempts to take to the air, and pound on the other man with strikes,.

before BUSHI gained the upper and with a dropkick to the knees damaged two days earlier, and a tijeras out to the floor.

BUSHI continued with full control of the former BoSJ winner, sending Hiromu into the ringside steel,

and wearing him down with a neck breaker and STF. Watch Wrestling NJPW 

Hiromu battled back, and did so with a shotgun dropkick and a second off the apron before a Falcon Arrow got him a two count.






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