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Watch Wrestling AEW Dynamite 2020 10 07 Live Stream



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Mr. Brodie Lee (c) vs. (#4) “The American Nightmare” Cody


Mr. Brodie Lee prophesied a couple weeks ago, just as he made this challenge for the Dog Collar Match, that he would cut Cody down. After the shocking three minutes it took for The Exalted One of The Dark Order to claim the TNT Championship from “The American Nightmare” on August 22nd, it does not seem like the most impossible prediction. Yet, here we are, with the Dog Collar looming and one has to question why it was the champion who issued the challenge for this stipulation?

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As Arn Anderson stated in the “Road To Jericho” video embedded above,

this type of battle boasts some of the most violent matches in wrestling history, with the most famous taking place between Greg Valentine and Roddy Piper over thirty years ago.

It is violence, it is blood, it is carnage, and with the collar wrapped around the neck of each man, it is nigh inescapable.

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So does the reigning TNT Champion issue this challenge because he is afraid he cannot beat this nightmare in a traditional match?

Does Lee wish to refine his challenger in order to allow Evil Uno, Stu Grayson.

Silver, or Reynolds unfettered access to assaulting the man at his whim? Did Brodie lay the collar and chain on the table knowing that Cody will never back down from any challenge laid at his feet?

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It does not have to be one of those things, it could even be all of those and more, but that it was the champion who made the challenge for this violence-hungry stipulation is certainly an intriguing factor in the impending battle.

Both men have everything to lose and everything to gain from sliding the leather albatross around their respective necks. Brodie is risking his TNT Championship for the hope he gains a distinct domination over the former champion.

while Cody is hoping to regain the aforementioned title while risking any future chance at becoming champion while Brodie has it in his monstrous grip. After all, should Cody fall twice to Mr. Lee with that title at stake, how can he possibly claim deserving of another opportunity?

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But for both competitors, the risk is clearly worth the reward, otherwise why issue, or accept, this barbaric stipulation.

Come the end of DYNAMITE, will it be Mr. Brodie Lee who stands as the retaining champion?

Or will Cody lay claim to being, not only the first TNT Champion, but also the first ever two time champion in any division since AEW’s inception?



Watch Wrestling AEW Dynamite 2020 10 07 Live Stream





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