Watch TalkN Shop A Mania 2 13 Nov 2020 Livestream

TalkN Shop A Mania 2 13 Nov 2020 Livestream DX-TV

TalkN Shop A Mania 2

 TalkN Shop A Mania 2



Watch TalkN Shop A Mania 2 13 Nov 2020 Livestream


“There was a day of Talk N’ Shop shooting when I was on set sitting in my trailer for this upcoming TV show,” Gallows says. “I went to the shoot at six in the morning.

and I’m a glass-half-full guy, so I thought maybe I’d be back home by early afternoon. It was like a wrestling match where there were hope spots all throughout the day.

and I kept thinking that we’d finish early, but we kept getting pushed later and later.

“I got off the set after 11 hours, then drove to my house, which was filled with professional wrestlers from the past three decades.

I changed into Sex Ferguson, ran out in the yard, then filmed a piece of cinematic history with a ‘Ball for a Ball’ match against Chad 2 Badd.

It was tough to miss so much of it, but I really trust my partners.”

The “Ball for a Ball” match is the type of work unique to this pay-per-view.

TalkN Shop A Mania 2

Gallows and Anderson are confident they can bring out wrestling’s eccentricities to give viewers a much-needed laugh.

and there is a unique balance to a show that, at first glance, appears to favor style over substance.

There is levity provided by Romero, the New Japan star who ran the Los Angeles taping .

and has a highly anticipated match as Chico El Luchador against Chavo Guerrero.

There are also moments with a deeper meaning, though, such as a reclamation story featuring Mark Jindrak.

“This is our chance to create something different, alternative, and powerful,” Romero says.

Talk N’ Shop A Mania is the redemption story of the Good Brothers.

TalkN Shop A Mania 2

and they have shown they are capable of so much more than they were allowed to do in WWE.

That’s what we do in Talk N’ Shop A Mania 2 with Mark Jindrak.”

Jindrak is a former WWE talent who was originally slated to be part of Evolution, a faction that first debuted in 2003.

Featuring Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton, the group dominated WWE storylines .

and would have forever changed Jindrak’s career in WWE had he not been removed before Evolution’s on-air introduction.


Watch TalkN Shop A Mania 2 13 Nov 2020 Livestream



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