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Watch Starrcast IV Nov 09 2019 Live Stream



November 8th

10:00am The Great American Baltimore
12:00pm The Great Muta
2:00pm Making History with Ron Simmons
4:00pm World Championship Women





The Baltimore Arena may have changed its name but its legacy will never dissipate. Every summer, the Great American Bash rolled into town and

set the tone for true grit in professional wrestling. Scott Hudson breaks down the legacy and greatness of those everlasting memories from those

who competed in the center of the ring, leaving it all in the ring for all of you. Arn AndersonLex LugerMagnum TARoad Warrior Animal

Ricky Steamboat and more will recount competing in front of one of the most passionate pro wrestling cities of all time.




A aura or mystery and great athleticism will titillate a pro wrestling audience to an incredible degree and if there’s one talent who superbly

combined all of those aspects and more, it was the green-mist spewing, moonsaulting “Pearl of the Orient”, The Great Muta. Returning to

Charm City for the first time in decades, one of the most legendary global stars of all time sits down for a groundbreaking discussion

about his career, life, legacy, championship wins, vicious rivalries and more. The mystery of the Great Muta will be solved right before

your eyes, only at Starrcast!





The legacy of professional wrestling in Baltimore isn’t defined by just the men. Iconic female performers have helped pave the way for the

greatness of women’s professional wrestling today. Chief among them are globetrotting Hall of Famer Madusa, a World Champion across

multiple continents and the legendary “Walking Riot”, Missy Hyatt, one of the greatest antagonists and announcers in pro wrestling history.

These queens of the ring will break down their unique journeys in life and pro wrestling, bringing an expertise and electricity like no other!





One fateful night, Big Van Vader was slated to defend the WCW World Championship against Sting in Baltimore. By the end of the

night, however, tears were flowing and glass ceilings had been forever as Ron Simmons ascended to the throne as the new

WCW World Champion. Simmons sits down with Andreas Hales to discuss that magnificent moment in time, the ripple effect his

historic championship reign had on Simmons himself, pro wrestling overall and more.



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