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WWE SmackDown 2020 10 30 Free


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Watch Live WWE SmackDown 2020 10 30 Free


FRIDAY, OCT 30 | 8/7 PM


Jey Uso faces the consequences of losing to his cousin Roman Romans at WWE Hell in a Cell

At the conclusion of Friday Night SmackDown last week, Universal Champion Roman Reigns laid out the extremely serious consequences .

that his cousin Jey Uso would face if and when he lost in their Universal Title Hell in a Cell “I Quit” Match.

Paul Heyman echoed this sentiment prior to WWE Hell in a Cell, stating that Uso would essentially become an “indentured servant.”

After Jey was forced to say “I quit” in order to save his brother Jimmy on Sunday, what will happen next between him and his cousin?

Will Jey finally pay the consequences for losing to Reigns? Find out tomorrow at 8/7 C on FOX.

WWE SmackDown 2020 10 30 Free

What we can expect from this week’s Smackdown:

— Roman Reigns is just in a league of his own, and his position at the head of the table on WWE SmackDown will not be challenged by anyone for a while.
That said, someone like Big E could show an element of doubt if he squares off against Roman Reigns considering the way he’s been booked in the last few months.

Could Big E step out and make his intentions for the Universal Championship known to Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown?

–The men’s Survivor Series team was determined through a series of elimination matches on RAW,

and one wonders if the same will hold true for SmackDown as well.

Moreover, the women’s team was finalized on RAW as well, and there’s no reason why the same won’t happen on SmackDown.

— Could Roman Reigns be jumped by Randy Orton and could The New Day show up to take The Street Profits down?

Is Sami Zayn prepared for the onslaught of the Hurt Business and can The Boss withstand the Empress of Tomorrow?

–The WWE SmackDown Survivor Series team will need to be loaded with top talent to overcome the stars in the RAW squad,

WWE SmackDown 2020 10 30 Free

and there’s every possibility that Seth Rollins may have to work with Rey Mysterio,

as a result. Remember that the reason why WWE SmackDown star Rey Mysterio is one eye short is because of Seth Rollins,

who used the steel steps while both men were on RAW, but can they coexist for the benefit of their brand?

So It is brand vs brand at Survivor Series when Randy Orton will clash against Roman Reigns ,

within three weeks time to prove which brand’s champion is more superior.

However, it is highly anticipated that Randy Orton will walk down to Smackdown this week,

and might produce the first strike on Roman Reigns before Survivor Series.

It will be a strong heel vs heel match that everybody wants to see at Survivor Series.


Watch Live WWE SmackDown 2020 10 30 Free


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