Watch GCW Take a Picture 2020/01/18 Live

Watch GCW Take a Picture 2020/01/18 Live Stream DX-TV









Watch GCW Take a Picture 2020/01/18 Live



GCW Saturday, January 18th

Friday 11/15 at Noon





Nate Webb had a rough match against Rickey Shane Page. So he’s taking his shot against another Ricky. Starks who is most recently

known for his matches on NWA Powerrr, is another debut for GCW. Nate Webb will be looking to pick up a win back after losing in such

a dominant manner to RSP, and Starks will be looking to make a statement in his one match on GCW’s tour cross country. Expect an entertaining match.





Nick Gage vs Allie Kat


This match seems one-sided on paper. Though do not underestimate Allie Kat. She has been able to pull out deathmatches when it counts.

And it definitely counts here. When this match was first announced it was announced as for the GCW Title. Nick Gage lost the

belt in between then and now. A victory by Kat will put her in a comfortable position when it comes to GCW title consideration.

Expect this match to be wild and unpredictable.



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Watch GCW Take a Picture 2020/01/18 Live




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