Watch AEW Live Stream October 28 2020 Full Show Replay

AEW Live Stream October 28 2020 Full Show Replay DX-TV

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Watch AEW Live Stream October 28 2020 Full Show Replay


Results AEW Dynamite October 21, 2020



Up next: Kenny Omega vs. “The Concrete Rose”

Sonny Kiss in another first round match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament!

Kenny’s new entrance consisted of dancing women with brooms!

Kenny blasted Sonny with the V-trigger and followed up with the one-winged angel and that was more than enough for the pin.

It was over just as soon as it began! Kenny cleaned up quickly!

Kenny helped Sonny get up after the match, while Sonny tried to shake the cob webs.

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Footage from earlier in the day played. Cody and Arn Anderson pulled up to the arena and Dasha tried to get a few words from Cody.

“The American Nightmare” said he doesn’t see Orange Cassidy beating him next week because Cody has the “champion’s advantage.”

Dasha mentioned Cody’s gain in muscle mass as of late, and Cody acknowledged it and said it was time to move up.

This was followed by brother versus brother!

Rey Fenix (one-half of The Lucha Bros) vs. Penta El Zero M.

(the other half of The Lucha Bros) in another World Title Eliminator Quarter-Final Match!

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“This is going to be something special! The first time they’re meeting inside an All Elite ring,” said Excalibur.

Eddie Kingston joined the broadcast team for this match I haven’t quit once in my life,

Kingston said to Jim Ross after J.R. asked him to comment on the upcoming “I Quit” match against Jon Moxley at FULL GEAR on November 7th.

They traded arm drags and reversals until Penta El Zero M captured Rey Fenix in an ankle lock.

Penta El Zero M went for a package piledriver early but Rey Fenix escaped. Penta El Zero M followed up with a thrust kick to Rey Fenix!

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They challenged one another to a chopping contest—you can tell they’re brothers with this type of behavior.

Rey Fenix struck first! Penta El Zero M removed his glove and then blasted his brother with a chop to the chest.

Rey Fenix almost buckled. Rey Fenix jumped off the top rope but Penta ,

El Zero M stepped to the right and connected with a superkick to Rey Fenix for a near fall!


Watch AEW Live Stream October 28 2020 Full Show Replay


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