Rizin FF – Rizin 32 Nov 20 2021 Full Show Replay

Rizin FF – Rizin 32
 Rizin FF - Rizin 32

Rizin FF – Rizin 32 Nov 20 2021 Full Show Replay Free Online


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Rizin FF – Rizin 32

























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Bobby Ologun (2-2) is a Nigerian-born comedian and TV personality whose gimmick is that he mispronounces Japanese words and statements.

Ironically enough he speaks fluent Japanese. His celebrity status took a hit when allegations of assault and domestic violence were levied against him.

He has also falsified his age on documents. Barring all that he does have legitimate fight experience even.

if his last fight was in 2006 and with a loss to Bob Sapp. Ologun does have a win over Akebono.

Whether he takes this fight seriously or not is unknown. During the Rizin 32 press conference,

he seemingly was in comedy mode when he made his comments.

Rizin  – Rizin 32

“I just found out who my opponent is. This guy is huge. Gagakibara got me a crazy opponent,

” he said deliberately mispronouncing CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara’s name.

“When I fought bigger guys back in the day I had no idea what I was getting into. But hey,

let’s see who’s got fake muscles in this fight.”

Katsuya Kitamura will be making his pro-MMA debut in this fight.

He is mostly known to pro wrestling fans when he was a part of the New Japan Pro Wrestling dojo.

 wrestled a number of matches for the promotion before leaving in 2019.


He then resurfaced doing bodybuilding competitions, a Ganryujima moat fight which he won,

and an exhibition kickboxing match against K1 fighter Rukiya Anpo.

He has popped up numerous times on Rizin Confessions videos .

as the weight trainer for super atomweight champion Ayaka Hamasaki.

He said of his fight “I will not take [Ologun] lightly and show you a heavyweight fight.”







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