RFVideo Shoot Interview with JT Smith

 RFVideo Shoot Interview with JT Smith










RF VIDEO conducted another shoot interview with local legend from the Philadelphia wrestling scene and this time JT Smith took the RF VIDEO hot seat. JT Smith started wrestling during the wrestling boom here in Philadelphia for the TWA and Joel Goodhart. He later played a role in ECW and of course was one of the first members of the FBI.

JT has worked with every big name in the business that has passed thru the legendary Philadelphia based companies like Terry Funk, Abby, Kevin Sullivan, Cactus Jack, Original Sheik, Eddie Gilbert and of course everyone in ECW. JT shares many locker room stories on what it was like in the TWA dressing room. JT talks about what it was like to train with the Sandman when they both just broke in. What were the politics like in the TWA locker room? Jt talks about all of his major matches in TWA and what it was like to be apart of the TWA scene. JT also talks about going to early NWA shows in the Philadelphia Civic Center and his memories as a fan.

JT has some amazing locker room stories on what happened when Eddie Gilbert was booking Tod Gordons ECW. JT also worked for Tod Gordon in his jewelry store and shares some insight on what might have happened when Paul Heyman took over the book for Eddie Gilbert and what really went down behind the scenes. JT talks about his legendary bumps that he took when he wrestled Doug Gilbert. We talk about all of the names that were apart of the ECW locker room.

JT also talks in detail about his tours of Japan and how he wound up working for those companies. The best part of the interview is all of the ECW locker room stories that he shares. Before teaming up with Little Guido, JT basically worked with every name in the ECW locker room and has some amazing stories to share about every name in ECW.

If you are a fan of ECW or any of the Philadelphia wrestling companies that were hot during the late 80’s and early 90’s your going to want to get this shoot. His insight on ECW is awesome and since I was there for everything we knew what to ask him to get some of the most amazing stories from that era.






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