RFVideo Shoot Interview with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

RFVideo Shoot Interview with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart











Jim Niedhart has been wrestling for over 23 years and in this very first shoot interview Jim discusses his entire wrestling career. He starts out with his High School sports stories. We discuss how he flunked out of school and was able to get in any college in the United States. How he played Pro Football for the NFL. Why he was in jail and how he saw Charles Manson when he was in there.
Jim takes us down memory lane as we talk about about Calgary and how he wound up in Stu Harts Dungeon. The stories are endless in this shoot and will make you die laughing as Jim is one of the funniest guys we have ever sat down with. You will hear how he first met all of the Harts including Bret and Owen. The road stories from Canada and the ribbing that went on are just some of the major topics discussed. In fact this shoot interview has the best rib and road stories of all time!!! Jim talks about how Stu would kill him and other young green guys in the dungeon.

Jim also tells us all about his stays in the other promotions like Mid South, Memphis and Florida. You talks all about getting in a gun fight a few times in Mid South areas. Crazy trips and car accidents. How his nose was taken off his face and how he got it put back on. You will hear about him being stabbed with Butch Reed in New Orleans. How Rick Rude would have sex before his matches in Memphis with his girlfriend. What Bill Watts was like behind the scenes. He talks about Flordia alot and how he first got his gimmick. We talk about all his major feuds in these territories and we discussed in great detail all of his foes and partners and classic matches

The good stuff is all about the WWF. You will hear about how he and Bret Hart were first teamed up in the WWF. We talk all about thier famous feuds with the British Bulldogs, Strike Force, Nasty Boys, Tully and Arn, Islanders. His matches with Bad News Allen. What Randy Savage was really like. He has the best rib stories of all time with stuff about Dynamite Kid that nobody has ever told RF VIDEO before. These are some of the best rib stories and road stories of all time. There is alot of talk about how all four got along outside of the ring with each other. He has alot to say on Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper.

We talked about thier feuds with the Rockers in and out of the ring. Jim talks about the entire Bret and Shawn incidents including alot of stuff leading up to the Survivor Series match. Here all about the famous Canadian Stampede match and what happened with Brian Pillman after the show. There are stories about Jake Roberts, Kerry Von Erich, Powers of Pain and so much more. What power did the clique really have. All about Owen Hart as well and his death.

There is so much discussed about his WWF run that you will watch this 4 times just for his stories. He is so funny as well as he explains how his doctor called Vince and told him he had to be taken off the road around Xmas because he had cat scratch fever and how Vince reacted to it. This is a great story. He talks about why he went to WCW and all of the politics that went on there with him and Bret. There are so many stories with them and the Bulldogs and Rockers and all the behind the scenes stuff that you all love to hear about.






RFVideo Shoot Interview with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart


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RFVideo Shoot Interview with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

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