RF Video Teddy Long Shoot Interview 2014

RF Video Teddy Long Shoot Interview 2014


RF Video


RF Video sat down with legendary NWA Referee..WCW manager/WWE Referee/Smackdown/Monday Night Raw/ECW GM Teddy Long for a near 3 hour tell all shoot interview. Teddy has been around the business for the past 20 years getting his start running errands for Abdullah the Butcher during the Georgia heyday and paid his dues and broke into the business as a young referee. During this interview you will hear how he paid his dues and started to get friendly with some of the more influential names in the business like Kevin Sullivan and Eddie Gilbert. How did Teddy get noticed for having the gift of gab? This is a great interview from start to finish if you love road stories because Teddy has driven the roads with some of the biggest names in the business and has seen it all.

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Runtime 2 hours 32 mins and 40 seconds.


RF Video Teddy Long Shoot Interview 2014


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RF Video Teddy Long Shoot Interview 2014