RevPro Epic Encounters 3 2020 10 04 Free Live Stream

Watch RevPro Epic Encounters 3 2020 10 04 Free Live Stream DX-TV


RevPro Epic Encounters 3

 RevPro Epic Encounters 3


RevPro Epic Encounters 3 2020 10 04 Free Live Stream


Name of the event: RevPro Epic Encounters 3
Date: 04.10.2020
Promotion: Revolution Pro Wrestling
Type: Pay Per View  RevPro Epic Encounters 3
Location: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK
Arena: Portsmouth School Of Wrestling
Broadcast type: Aufzeichnung
Broadcast date: 04.10.2020
TV station/network: FITE TV

RevPro  Encounters 3

Singles Match
Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Connor Mills
Singles Match
Zoe Lucas vs. Aleah James
RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Title Match
Will Ospreay (c) vs. Kyle Fletcher
Singles Match
Robbie X vs. JJ Gale
Singles Match   Epic Encounters 3
Gideon Grey vs. Mad Kurt
Singles Match
Brendan White vs. Kenneth Halfpenny
Singles Match
Bobbi Tyler vs. Jamie Hayter


Whilst we were unable to present our 2020  Encounter we will instead present what is planned to be a series of them until we are able to once again perform before a live audience, starting with  ENCOUNTERS 1, in 2 weeks on Sunday August 23rd at 8pm BST!

The 6-match event will also be made available for streaming and digital download within 72 hours alongside over 1010 hours of other footage on our VOD service: 

RevPro Epic Encounters 3

The shows will be presented before an ‘empty arena,’ with all competitors staying in a hotel ‘bubble’ following stringent health and safety protocol including, but not limited to on site Covid testing.

Although we can’t wait to get back before live audiences, we promise you we will be holding nothing back,

as we plan on bringing the same passion, big matches & top-quality wrestling to these empty arena presentations.

We can’t begin to describe the excitement shared between our roster members as we look forward to doing what we love once again!

RevPro  Encounters 3

The full card for  Encounters 1 looks as follows:

– Robbie X Vs ‘True Grit’ Connor Mills

– Kenneth Halfpenny Vs Brendan White

– ‘Prince of Pace’ Callum Newman Vs ‘Drilla’ Dan Moloney

– Bobbi Tyler Vs Aleah James

– Michael Oku & ‘Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay Vs RKJ & ‘Aussie Arrow’ Kyle Fletcher

Undisputed British Women’s Championship

– Gisele Shaw © Vs Jamie Hayter

Epic Encounters 3

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RevPro Epic Encounters 3 2020 10 04 Free Live Stream




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