Other Wrestling DVD

POV: Over the Limit 2012 is a mixed bag of decent matches and plenty of fillers,


which is represented in the price of the season.

Not many people are going to pay $2 for a Ryback or Brodus Clay squash match,

and buying each match works out at almost double the season price. Other Wrestling DVD

There’s the issue of whether or not Johnny Ace in action should have closed the PPV,

but my pick of a worthy downloads is the WWE Championship title bout – CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan ,

an awesome singles contest all about the strap, with a decent finish.

Other Wrestling DVD

– WWE has also released their recent Home Video title Falls Count Anywhere digitally, across three volumes.

This has hit Vudu.com, Xbox Live, Playstation and Amazon Instant Video to purchase. It’s available in SD,

HD and HDX formats. Rental is available from July 24th.

POV: This one takes a look at some of the best matches that under the Falls Count Anywhere banner (which seems a little loose) and covers 3 different eras.

The first volume covers 1981 to 1997 with a few WCW matches thrown in on the side, the second volume focuses on the Attitude Era,

whilst the third some of the last decade. There are some notable matches missing from this collection and personally ,

I didn’t think much of first volume’s selection since it was very random. As a fan of Attitude, Other Wrestling DVD

Other Wrestling DVD

you can’t complain with the quality of matches too much since this era really pushed the boundaries as hardcore brawling became mainstream.

As with most digital volume releases, it doesn’t work out cost effective to purchase these 3 volumes (almost twice the price of the physical DVD set).

Worth waiting until they appear on Netflix. Other Wrestling DVD

– WWE’s other recent release is their classic movie from 1989 starring Hulk Hogan ,

No Holds Barred. That’s available to rent and purchase on Xbox Live and Amazon Instant Video.

Due to the age of the movie, this title isn’t available in HD.