NJPW The New Beginning in Sapporo 2020-02-05 Live

NJPW The New Beginning in Sapporo 2020-02-05 Live DX-TV


new Beginning in Sapporo 2020


Beginning in Sapporo 2020





NJPW The New Beginning in Sapporo 2020-02-05 Live




WED. FEBRUARY. 5. 2020 | DOOR 17:30 | BELL 18:30 Tokyo


Tiger Mask starts this one off catching Umino with a kick to the upper arm, before Umino comes back with a waistlock and some forearms, only to run into some more

kicks. He does manage to take down Tiger Mask with a shoulder tackle, before both men tagged out, with Yoshida trying his luck with some shoulder tackles. Yeah, Yoshida

ends up falling to Nakanishi, before he rolled away from a knee drop… then ran into a spear, as that really seems to be the move du jour. A simple body slams dumps Yoshida

as Tiger Mask returned to start chopping Yoshida from above, as Yoshida was just getting pelted with strikes from both men. An enziguiri manages to drop Nakanishi as Yoshida

tagged out to Umino, who tried far too early for a bodyslam as Nakanishi puts on the brakes 

Nakanishi easily slammed, then splashes Umino for a two-count, before more chops pin Umino into the corner. Umino hits back with a surprise slam, as both men tagged out,

with Yoshida hitting first en route to knocking down Tiger Mask with a forearm. Another slam, this time from Yoshida, keeps Tiger Mask down, as does a single-leg dropkick, but

Tiger’s up at two. Yoshida traps Tiger Mask in a sleeper hold, dragging him down to the mat as Umino… lost Nakanishi, who came across and broke up the hold. Umino recovers

to land a missile dropkick to Nakanishi, before Yoshida gets caught in a knee bar in the middle of the ring… but he’s able to drag his way to the ropes to save himself. From there,

Tiger Mask tries for a Tiger Driver, which he lands at the second attempt… except Umino sped into the ring to break it up! Beginning 

Umino and Nakanishi head outside, which meant that there was nobody to save Yoshida from an avalanche butterfly suplex, and that’s enough for the win. That was good stuff 

and I liked how Yoshida needed to be finished from the top rope, showing progression among the Young Lion .





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NJPW The New Beginning in Sapporo 2020-02-05 Live




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