NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka PPV 2020-02-09 Live

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 NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka



NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka PPV


NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka PPV 2020-02-09 Live


SUN. FEBRUARY. 9. 2020 | DOOR 14:30 | BELL 16:0 Osaka

NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka PPV



Wrestle Kingdom 14 appeared to be the sunset of Bullet Club, who were all but neutralized over the course of the two day event at the Tokyo Dome. At the same time,

it appeared to be the sunrise of a new regime with Tetsuya Naito, in successive days, capturing the IWGP Intercontinental and then the IWGP Heavyweight titles, creating

New Japan’s first-ever Double Championship. It was not only a rise in power for Naito and LIJ, but an emotional rebound for Naito, a chance to exorcize past

demons and losses alike. Until, that is, KENTA arrived. Assaulting the spent new champion, KENTA took all the attention back for Bullet Club and reminded

the world at large that they are always one moment away from changing the narrative. At New Beginning in Osaka, Naito doesn’t only look to kick off his regime as

the most important combatant in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but to avenge the disrespect at Wrestle Kingdom. KENTA, meanwhile,

seeks to put Naito and his title reign to sleep and ascend to the highest level possible in NJPW, bringing Bullet Club along with him. in Osaka PPV


The IWGP United States Championship may be at stake in this first-ever encounter, but the only prediction anyone can genuinely make is PAIN. At Wrestle Kingdom,

Suzuki, the violent veteran who never met anyone he didn’t love to torture went face to face with Jon Moxley, himself a violent brawler who lives for the violence, right

after Moxley regained the U.S. title. They two brawled but Suzuki shocked Moxley with a rear naked choke and a Gotch-style piledriver. Leaving the new Champion stunned,

Suzuki made it clear he wanted the title and he wanted Moxley’s corpse as well. Moxley, who has traveled the world to battle in some of the most violent encounters

ever witnessed, quickly signed off on their Osaka bout. No one – the fans, the referee, the promoters and certainly not the competitors themselves, are safe

from anything that goes down once the bell rings. Forget King Kong vs. Gojira, this battle will bring Osaka crumbling down around it. Beginning in Osaka PPV



Takahashi steps into the ring to defend the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship against perhaps his greatest rival. Having retired Jushin Liger, Takahashi is the hottest star in New Japan

and Lee, his counterpart for Mexico, may be the most explosive Luchador alive today. Much like the classic rivalries between Dean Malenko and Eddy Guerrero or Jack Brisco and Dory Funk Jr.,

these combatants bring forth the best in professional wrestling from a technical and work ethic standpoint, creating mental and physical games of chess that explode across three dimensions

for FITE viewers. As New Japan revs up its 2020, this will be first of championship encounters that set the stage for this year’s Best of Super Juniors tournament and beyond.


This special tag team attraction puts Zack Sabre Jr., perhaps the most dangerously gifted and arrogant technical wrestler who ever lived against the most celebrated pro wrestler in New Japan,

former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada. A dream match itself, the fact these two will be facing off is only enhanced by the fact that Will Ospreay is teaming with Okada, bringing

CHAOS’ two most beloved talents on the same side of the ring. Undeterred, Taichi will team with Sabre Jr., a dangerous duo, seeking to prove the might of Suzuki-Gun. On any other event,

a tag team bout with this much raw talent and clashing egos in the same ring would be the main event. FITE viewers are certainly going to get more than their money’s worth with New Beginning Osaka!


While Bullet Club vs. Los Ingobernables de Japan will main event New Beginning Osaka, the battle between the factions rages on underneath as well. Jay White is working

to climb back to the top of New Japan after some frustrating performances at Wrestle Kingdom. He sees SANADA as the next stepping stone he must pass over to return to

greatness. Meanwhile, SANADA has continued to morph into one of the most explosive pro wrestlers in the world, bringing a charismatic ferocity to his performances in the ring.

The bragging rights over who is the mightier competitor will certainly go to the victor – but could the result of this match also predict whose arm is raised in the main event?


Kota Ibushi, who headlined Wrestle Kingdom Night One against Kazuchika Okada, will team with the legendary “Ace” of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Hiroshi Tanahashi and

the newly crowned IWGP Tag Team Champions David Finlay and Juice Robinson in a high profile eight man tag team war, taking on Bullet Club’s Guerrillas of Destiny, 

Chase Owens and Yujiro Takahashi. The Guerrillas want vengeance after losing their titles at Wrestle Kingdom and Bullet Club just wants to crush everyone in their

way to prove their Kingdom shut-out was a fluke. Victories over the beloved Tanahashi and Ibushi would certainly start 2020 off strong,

but beating any of these competitors alone is a hard task – combined, it may be impossible. NJPW The New Beginning in Osaka PPV



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