NJPW Free Live Stream -Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 11

Watch NJPW Free Live Stream -Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 11 DX-TV

NJPW Free Live Stream


NJPW Free Live Stream



NJPW Free Live Stream -Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 11


G1 Climax 30 – Day 14 Preview:


SUN. OCTOBER. 11. 2020 | DOOR 16:00 | BELL 18:00 Aichi


Tetsuya Naito (5-1) vs EVIL (4-2)

Singles record: 2-1 Naito G1 record: 1-0 Naito


The third in a 2020 trilogy between Tetsuya Naito and EVIL headlines in Aichi Unique of the three matches this year,

this is the first to not have the double IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight gold on the line,

and Naito will likely take particular pleasure in being accompanied by the two titles .

when he heads to the ring to face the King of Darkness Of course EVIL brings his own accompaniment in Dick Togo.

Not only Naito, but the bulk of the NJPW roster up to and including Jay White have been critical of EVIL’s reliance on Togo through the tournament,

NJPW Free Live Stream Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30

It was at Dominion in Osaka Jo Hall that EVIL was pushing Naito the very limit on his own power before Togo first made himself known,

blindsiding El Ingobernable and leading to the pinfall victory for his charge In the Jingu rematch at Summer Struggle,

Naito had time to prep for Togo as well as EVIL, and was victorious a good deal of the credit though has to come from SANADA .

and BUSHI’s presence neutralizing BULLET CLUB’s interference That presence will not be a factor tonight, potentially putting Naito in a corner. 

Yet Naito enjoys just such a position. Always fighting harder and more effective from underneath,

Okayama Thursday saw him sit alone at the top of the B Block table with ten points writing the script rather than flipping it.

A stacked deck might be exactly what Naito needs to ensure he keeps momentum strong, and potentially writes a path to the final early.          

NJPW Free Live Stream Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30

Hiroshi Tanahashi (3-3) vs Hirooki Goto (3-3)

Singles record: 11-1 Tanahashi G1 record: 4-0 Tanahashi


Sunday will see the first singles confrontation between Hirooki Goto,

and Hiroshi Tanahashi in over three years, a departure that Goto is likely grateful for.

As one sided a record as you will find in singles competition, Goto has had just one victory over the Ace in 12 singles matches.

Goto was part of a famously impressive 2002 class in the NJPW Dojo,

with 1999 debutant Tanahashi being the clear senpai to Goto throughout their respective careers. 

A memorable first IWGP Heavyweight Championship challenge in November 2007 in Ryogoku being a particular highlight.

NJPW Free Live Stream 

Yet results everywhere except from the 2012 New Japan Cup final have been elusive for Goto.

Goto and Tanahashi have a long history opposite one another they’re fighting tonight for the immediate future of the final weekend. 

Juice Robinson (3-3) vs SANADA (3-3)

Singles record: 1-1 (2017, 2018 G1s)


Juice Robinson and SANADA walk into this crucial meeting in Aichi with ,

an even shoreline against one another and in their respective campaigns. 

After a slow start saw him go 0-3, SANADA picked up wins over Tetsuya Naito, Zack Sabre Jr.

and then KENTA to go even, while Juice’s first six matches were almost the opposite,

a hot start now seeing back to back losses to Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito.


his future participation in the tournament some consideration He wants ten points minimum by tournament’s end.

NJPW Free Live Stream 

Toru Yano (3-3) vs KENTA (2-4) 

First singles meeting

KENTA must win out, with Naito losing out


A lot can change in a week Toru Yano started his G1 campaign with an incredible three match streak that saw him .

get points over top contenders in Hiroshi Tanahashi, SANADA and EVIL,

After yet a third loss in Okayama, the grand PR platform for Yano’s wares ,

that would be the G1 Climax final might be slipping away from him. 

Free Live Stream

YOSHI-HASHI (1-5) vs Zack Sabre Junior (3-3) 

Singles record: 2-0 ZSJ, G1 record 1-0 ZSJ

YOSHI-HASHI is mathematically eliminated


Mathematically eliminated from the competition after a loss to teammate Hirooki Goto in Okayama.

his heart on his sleeve with spirited performances in every single one of,

his matches that threatened every single one of his opponents.

This bout in Aichi will be particularly important for the Headhunter,

with powerful memories from their meeting last year still remaining. 

NJPW Free Live Stream Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30

2019’s G1 lineup saw a lot of new names, and a lot of names cut to make room for them.

One of those not present in the list of 20 was YOSHI-HASHI, who found himself out in the cold in the midst of a difficult year .

that saw him struggling after his return to the ring from a shoulder injury that January.

was destined to face Zack Sabre Junior in the main event of the Kizuna Road tour closer for the British Heavyweight Championship.

With dreams of Ryogoku as bright as the gold on the British Heavyweight title.

YOSHI-HASHI convinced ZSJ to put his G1 Climax 29 entry spot on the line as well as his title even with the added motivator though,

 Free Live Stream Day 14  

A year on, gold of his own in the form of the NEVER Openweight 6-Man titles has fired up YOSHI-HASHI to some incredible matches,

Or will ZSJ, currently at six points after outsmarting Toru Yano in Okayama, keep his tournament alive?


Yota Tsuji (4-2-2 this tour) vs Gabriel Kidd (3-4-1 this tour)

Singles record: 5-1-1 Tsuji (2-1-1 this tour)

NJPW Free Live Stream  

Yota Tsuji and Gabriel Kidd’s penultimate meeting on the tour kicks proceedings off in Dolphins Arena this Sunday.

After a double arm suplex victory by Kidd over Tsuji was followed by a draw it seemed.

as if the Briton was gaining an upper hand on his Noge Dojo rival.

but in Hiroshima Wednesday, Tsuji put paid to those thoughts with a commanding win after a punishing Boston Crab Desperate to redress the balance against Tsuji,


NJPW Free Live Stream -Day 14 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 11


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