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The twenty-sixth Best of the Super Juniors will start on May 13 and end on June 5,
2019.[173] The finals will take place at Ryōgoku Kokugikan. The participants were all
revealed bar one on April 23. In addition to NJPW regulars, the tournament will also
feature Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) wrestlers Dragon Lee and Titán;
Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestlers Marty Scurll, Jonathan Gresham, and Bandido; and
El Phantasmo representing Revolution Pro Wrestling (RPW). This is the first edition to have
20 wrestlers. Before the tournament El Desperado had to pull out due to an injury and
was replaced by Douki. Flip Gordon has to pull out as well due to Visa issues and was
replaced by Ren Narita


The names for this year’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament have been revealed.

The number of participants for this year’s tournament has increased from 16 to 20 participants. They present fighters not only from

New Japan, but also CMLL and Ring of Honor.

The last participant was labeled “X”, who based on previous vignettes can be El Phantasmo. The NJPW website states that X

will be officially revealed at Wrestling Dontaku in Fukuoka on May 4.


NJPW Best of the Super Jr26 Day 1 13/05/2019 English DX-TV


Dragon Lee is the son of professional wrestler , who is currently working for CELL under the ring name La Bestial led Ring,

where the family relationship is publicly acknowledged. He is the second person to use the Dragon Lee ring persona and

mask, the first Dragon Lee being his older brother, who now wrestles under the ring name Monastic. Dragon Lee has

Rodney Hood, who has been a revelation off the bench fro Portland in the series, was coming across halfcourt backwards when he ran square into a Torrey Craig screen and suffered a hyper-extended left knee.

For new or old, casual or hardcore NJPW fans and fans of wrestling in general thinking about checking out this

tournament, this article breaks down who is in it and what they’ll be doing from May 13 to June 5, 2019.

This year’s 26th iteration of BOSJ is its largest, featuring a record number of twenty competitors and holding the tournament final in

Ryogoku Sumo Hall, a bigger and more prestigious venue than in the past.








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