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Live WWE RAW 2020 09 21 Full Show Free



Braun Strowman and the undefeated Dabba-Kato clash in Raw Underground

Last Monday, Braun Strowman went on a rampage through Raw Underground, demolishing anyone and everyone that stepped in his path. Things got interesting when the monstrous, undefeated Dabba-Kato stepped to The Monster. But before they could come to blows, Shane McMahon stepped between the two titans, saying the bout would be saved for next week. WWE RAW

Now, the former Universal Champion and the undefeated Raw Underground brawler will clash in the biggest fight to take place in Shane-O-Mac’s lawless battleground. Who will emerge victorious? Will anything be left of Raw Underground after these two monsters are finished?

WWE RAW 2020 09 21  

Huge Triple Threat Tag Team throwdown to determine Street Profits’ Clash of Champions challengers

Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits’ challengers for WWE Clash of Champions will be determined this Monday on Raw in a major triple threat match, pitting the new tag team of Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo against Seth Rollins & Murphy and Andrade & Angel Garza. WWE RAW

By going after tag team gold with one of his family’s closest allies in Carrillo, Dominik is looking to follow in his father’s footsteps. Rey Mysterio’s first title in WWE was the WWE Tag Team Championship, which he won alongside Edge. Will Dominik move one step closer to his first title in WWE? Will The Monday Night Messiah and his estranged disciple once again prove to be a roadblock for the Mysterios?   RAW

And after Zelina Vega ditched them to go after the Raw Women’s Championship and got in a fight themselves, Andrade & Angel Garza are out to prove they’re better on their own. Will they demonstrate that they never needed Vega’s help and earn a rematch with The Street Profits? Find out on Raw, this Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network



Live WWE RAW 2020 09 21 Full Show Free



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