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Impact Sacrific 2020 PPV Live Stream





Mad Man Fulton & Dave Crist vs. Larry D & Acey Romero:

Mad Man Fulton & Dave Crist are the unified force as part of oVe, and while Dave doesn’t exactly excite me much these days as a performer

(I personally find him the weak link in oVe) but I really like Fulton as of late, and think that he has a ton of untapped potential. Larry D & Acey

Romero were both signed following performances on Impact specials. The Larry D one I didn’t get at all, as I wasn’t impressed with his performance

that got him signed while Romero has seen more action since signing and has more potential and charisma. The oVe boys traditionally

do well on these specials, but Larry D & Acey Romero are in desperate need of a win and I’d have them pick one up


Champions The North vs. The Rascalz:

Yeah, I love this match and feel this is the one that will steal the show. The North are a great team and have

been great champions all around. On top of that, we get them against the superior Rascalz team, Dez & Wentz, who kick ass. All four of these guys always

work hard and deliver on these specials, and all four of these guys never have bad matches. Just give them the time and freedom and if they get that

I think that they will kill it. If this is non-title, The Rascalz certainly have a chance but even if it is a title match, I wouldn’t completely rule

out a title change because if you remember, the North originally won the titles on an Impact Plus special. I am really looking forward to this one. WINNER: The North



    Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Ace Austin


    Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Havok


    The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) (c) vs. The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

  • Rhino vs. Moose
  • Daga vs. Jake Crist



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