ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X5 Free Live Stream DX-TV

ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X5 Free Live Stream DX-TV

ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X5

 ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X5


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Name of the event: ICW No Holds Barred Pitfighter X5
Date: 12.12.2020
Promotion: ICW No Holds Barred
Type: TV-Show
Location: Millville, New Jersey, USA
Arena: The Blood Shed
Broadcast type: Live
Broadcast date: 12.12.2020

Date And Time

Sat, December 12, 2020

8:00 PM – 11:59 PM EST

ICW No Holds Barred 

Full Card  Pitfighter X5

Singles Match
Aidan Blackhart vs. Akira
Singles Match
Gary Jay vs. Domini Garrinic
Christmas Tree Death Match
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Jeff Cannonball
Singles Match
Casanova Valentine vs. Alex Ocean (w/Riley Madison)
Singles Match
Danny Demanto vs. Brandon Kirk
Singles Match
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Nolan Edward
Singles Match
Dan Maff vs. Shane Mercer

ICW No Holds Barred 

Alex Ocean W/Riley Madison vs Casanova Valentine

Two members from the new wave of deathmatch wrestlers will collide at Pitfighter X5.

Valentine debuted in 2014 but has only broken out in recent years and has become a regular for ICW:NHB this year. 

Alex Ocean is someone that has the eyes of hardcore fans on him as he has showed potential to lead deathmatch wrestling for years to come.

This will be an interesting clash of two performers that will no doubt continue to wage war with one another for years to come.


The Rest Of The Card

Aiden Blackhart vs AKIRA

Christmas Tree Deathmatch: Neil Diamond Cutter vs Jeff Cannonball

Gary Jay vs Dominic Garrini

John Wayne Murdoch vs Nolan Edward

Danny Demanto vs Brandon Kirk

Reed Bentley vs Satu Jinn

 Holds Barred 

Where To Watch Pitfighter X5

This show will aire LIVE on IWTV.  You can get five free days of an IWTV subscription using the code ICWNHB







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