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Glory 75 2020 Live Stream

29 February, 2020 from 17:00 to 23:00
Central Studios, Utrecht

Doors open: 05:00 PM CET
Prelims: 06:00 PM CET
Superfight Series: 07:00 PM CET
GLORY 75: 09:00 PM CET


This is one night you can’t afford to miss: it’s as close as you will ever get to staging your own private fight night with some of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport.Glory

World champions, contenders and rising stars from the Netherlands, Thailand, Morocco and more – and all so close, you can almost reach out and touch them.Glory

GLORY 75 Utrecht:

Featherweight Title Fight: Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao vs. Serhii Adamchuk
Welterweight Fight: Hamicha vs. Dimitri Menshikov
Middleweight Fight: Yousri Belgaroui vs. Jakob Styben
Lightweight Fight: Tyjani Beztati vs. Michaël Palandre Glory 75

Superfight Series:

Welterweight Fight: Harut Grigorian vs. Jamie Bates
Light Heavyweight Fight: Sergej Maslobojev vs. Roel Mannaart
Super Bantamweight Fight: Anissa Meksen vs. Jiwaen Lee
Lightweight Fight: Guerric Billet vs. Artur Saladiak
Featherweight Fight: Meng Goafeng vs. Antonio Campoy

Glory Prelims:

Lightweight Fight: Mohammed Hendouf vs. Bruno Gazani
Featherweight Fight: Vincent Foschiani vs. Sijun Jin
Super Bantamweight Fight: Lorena Klijn vs. Almira Tinchurina



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Glory 75 2020 Live Stream



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