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GCW Run Ricky Run


GCW Run Ricky Run




GCW Run Ricky Run 2020


Date And Time

Sat, February 15, 2020

8:00 PM – 11:00 PM EST



GCW returns to The Showboat in Atlantic City on Sat, 2/15 at 8 pm 
Feat the USA debut of Takasahi Sasaki & return of Masashi Takeda!



GCW World Championship

Rickey Shane Page vs. Nick Gage

Bad blood and animosity are just two words to describe how these two feel about one another.

To say that they would sheerly cut off the other one’s limbs and feed it to them is an understatement.

At some of the most despicable times, Page has come attacked Gage. During a recent address

of the passing of his brother is but just another example of his the sheer thoughtlessness

that Page has for Gage. The saying never bring a knife to a gunfight appears to be how this match is

shaping up. Whether its the concerted effort of Page to get under the skin of Gage or Gage’s

burning desire to absolutely destroy Page the stage is set.

Who will walk out the GCW World Heavyweight Champion?

Will it be a case of Run Rickey Run on this night?



Mance Warner vs Allie Kat

In a battle of spirit and angst, these two are set to put on a very fun battle. For Warner, he returns to GCW to

face someone he hasn’t faced in over a year. While the two were a tandem in the ring this past August, it’s a

different set of circumstances now. Kat lost a Texas Death Match to Gage and could be bringing that with her

in this match against Warner. Warner, on the other hand, is coming off back to back losses in Game Changer

Wrestling. Last month, Warner lost to both Tony Deppen and Rickey Shane Page. This time around

something has to give as both lost their most recent matches in GCW.

Who between them will get the better of the other?

Whatever the result, someone is going to lose and someone is going to party


EFFY vs Tony Deppen

When the weapon of sass destruction steps into the ring with the eleven-year veteran in Deppen fans will be in for a treat.

For fans that aren’t familiar with EFFY may not be aware that the five-year veteran has a remarkable skill set. His tools and

character certainly standout. In fact, the Tallahassee, Florida native is able to balance stiff strikes with a solid promo work and

a persona that stands out on social media. His character is larger than life making his presence somewhat of a challenge

to get a handle of. For Deppen, his persona couldn’t be more different. An intense and menacing presence

that will certainly stand out. He is hated by many which likely adds to what makes him so good.

What happens when love and hate collide at Run Rickey Run?



Shlak vs ???

Two of the most violent men in the world were set to square off against one another. These men had never faced each other

before in a one on one matchup. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case this time around. Fans that are familiar with

Shlak and Takeda knew that they won’t anticipate a match filled with wristlocks and drop toe holds. So with Takeda no longer

scheduled to compete who will face Shlak? The question could be met with anyone and everyone that is part of the GCW roster.

What we can be assured of is that it will be a fierce brawl likely involving plenty of light tubes. Could the likes of Jun Kasai whom

Takeda teamed with replace him in this matchup? If viewers are excited by that description as to what will happen next,

check out their match this Friday at Run Rickey Run. GCW Run Ricky Run

Alex Colon vs Takashi Sasaki

It was so nice they thought let’s do it twice. Only a few weeks ago, Sasaki defeated Colon as part of GCW’s tour of Japan with the Art of War event.

In what was the final event of the back-to-back-to-back shows, the trio of Sasaki, Kodaka, and Fukimoto defeated Colon, Havoc, and Tremont.

Once again we have a battle of Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS facing Game Changer Wrestling head to head. One of the most intriguing things

about this match up isn’t the experience that both men bring to this contest and their technical skillet.

Despite being proponents of the deathwatch this could be a matter of someone tapping, Run Ricky Run

something snapping or somebody napping.  Who between them could fall prey to this?



Matthew Justice vs Matt Tremont

In what is the most recent match announcement to the card two beasts go to war with one another.

When Matthew Justice brings a technical and high-flying skillet to this match up, how will Tremont fair?

The answer is ANY DAMN WAY HE WANTS! Tremont has never faced Justice before making

this first-time-ever match up all the more intriguing. For Tremont, it isn’t about having to outrun

Justice but rather catch him in a moment of high-risk error. Fans are fully aware that Tremont is

a noted brawler with a thirst for blood. He doesn’t have to match Justice in the speed department

but plays to his own strengths. Strength is where Tremont’s key will have to be. GCW Run

Despite being slightly smaller than Justice it may not be a factor in the end


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