GCW Live Fast Die Young Tokyo 2020/02/04 Live Stream

GCW Live Fast Die Young Tokyo 2020/02/04 Live Stream DX-TV

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GCW Live Fast Die Young Tokyo 2020/02/04 Live Stream


Date: Mon, Feb 3rd 2020


Singles Match
Chris Dickinson vs. Yuji Okabayashi
Singles Match
Matthew Justice vs. SHLAK
Six Man Tag Team Match
Danny Havoc, Isami Kodaka & Matt Tremont vs. Drew Parker, Jimmy Lloyd & Toshiyuki Sakuda
Singles Match
Masashi Takeda vs. Orin Veidt
Singles Match
Alex Colon vs. Violento Jack
Tag Team Match
Kikutaro & KTB vs. Takashi Sasaki & Toru Sugiura



Below are the quick results from GCW’s Live Fast, Die Young event:

  • Toru Sugiura & Takahashi Sasaki defeated Kikutaro & KTB. Sugiura pinned Kikutaro after a Yokosuka Cutter.
  • SHLAK defeated Matthew Justice. The match ended by either submission or referee stoppage after SHLAK put a plastic bag over Justice’s head and locked in a camel clutch.
  • Alex Colon defeated Violento Jack. Colon scored the pin following a Spanish Fly on light tubes.
  • Yuji Okabayashi defeated Chris Dickinson. Okabayashi got the pinfall after a big splash from the top rope.
  • Matt Tremont, Danny Havoc, & Isami Kodaka defeated Drew Parker, Jimmy Lloyd, & Toshiyuki Sakuda. Danny Havoc pinned Drew Parker after hitting a DVD.
  • Orin Veidt defeated Masashi Takeda. Veidt won via referee stoppage


Matthew Justice is going on his first Japan tour with GCW, where the big man should find himself a warm welcome. Justice is a long-time vet from the Midwest,

but in the last few years with Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), where he’s the reigning AIW Absolute Champion and 2x AIW Intense Champion, and GCW,

has really seen his career reach new peaks. He’s facing off against the GCW regular who became the biggest star in Japan last year, in the monster known as

SHLAK. His disregard for his own body – combined with a sadistic disregard for his opponents – made him a crowd favorite in Tokyo last year.




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GCW Live Fast Die Young Tokyo 2020/02/04 Live Stream




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