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Free Watch WWE RAW 12/02/2019 Live



MONDAY, DEC 02 | 8/7 PM


Seth Rollins to issue an apology on Raw


WWE RAW 22 Dec 2019

Seth Rollins held nothing back this past Monday, chastising every single Raw Superstar for their performance at Survivor Series. Now,

he’s looking to extinguish all the bridges he potentially burned down.


Charlotte Flair has felt Asuka’s dreaded poison mist twice now, but the challenge that awaits her this Monday night might be even an even graver proposition.

The Queen will collide with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions in a 1-on-2 Handicap Match on Raw. Can Flair overcome the odds and best Asuka & Kairi Sane?

Or will The Kabuki Warriors continue to pave their unbelievable path of destruction

After sending out a tweet, Rollins will look to make amends following his controversial comments that led to a main event clash with Kevin Owens,

which saw  AOP shockingly lay waste to Owens but give The Architect a pass.


last show


CHICAGO —  With only one victory to its name, Raw got waxed at Survivor Series, a drubbing that led Seth Rollins, the self-appointed locker-room leader of the

brand, made his feelings known in a Town Hall Meeting that opened Raw. Which, in turn, led the roster to return the favor.

“You all sucked,” said Rollins, who was doling out a bit of tough love that he hoped would right the ship but seemingly did not sit well with the WWE Universe nor

the assembled Superstars, including Randy Orton (who walked out on the meeting), Charlotte Flair (ditto) and AOP (who didn’t compete at Survivor Series,

but walked out too). Rollins’ insults to Rey Mysterio and his son were ultimately a bridge too far, leading the entire roster bailed on The Architect until

only one Superstar remained: Kevin Owens. And despite Rollins’ attempts to convince Owens that his dedication to Raw remains unmatched





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