Free Watch WWE RAW 11/04/2019 Live

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Free Watch WWE RAW 11/04/2019 Live




MONDAY, OCT 28 | 20:00/ 7 PM







It all started in 1993 when World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. produced a new wrestling show that was scheduled to be seen live every Monday. At that

time, Monday Night RAW was the first and only weekly show. WWE landed a real hit at that time, because RAW contributes to the resounding success of the

company to this day. On ProSieben MAXX you can join us every Wednesday at 22:05, when the WWE Superstars deliver the hottest fights.




Of course, all RAW superstars are in the party: Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio or The Miz are in the constant battle for the title of WWE Universal Champion 

. But even with the ladies, the battle for the belt really gets down to business. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are in no way inferior to each other and deliver tough

matches to be WWE RAW Womens Champion .





How are the WWE superstars preparing for Royal Rumble, WrestleMania & Co.? Who can get the coveted matches and which big feuds

are spinning between the WWE Superstars? On ProSieben MAXX you will find all news, exciting background information as well as clips and highlights.


Did Becky Lynch storm the ring to drive off The Kabuki Warriors out of some kind of affinity to Paige? Debatable. What is for sure is that the Raw

Women’s Champion has been on the wrong end of Asuka & Kairi Sane’s tactics before, and she isn’t the kind to forgive or forget. So, Kairi Sane

should have seen her defeat coming in a sense, though The Pirate Princess gave The Man all sorts of fits before the Irish brawler capsized her in

the closing moments.







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Free Watch WWE RAW 11/04/2019 Live








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