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Free Watch WWE NXT UK 2019/10/17 Live




Ilja Dragunov returned to action like a hurricane to take on Saxon Huxley, the very competitor he was scheduled to face several weeks

ago when he learned he was not medically cleared. Alexander Wolfe, the Superstar who took his place in that matchup, emerged mid-match

and continued to show interest in The Menacing Muscovite.

Armed with his frantic offense that sent him bounding about the ring like a human pinball, Dragunov overcame Huxley with Torpedo Moscow.

In the aftermath, an applauding Wolfe was joined by Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, and Imperium observed the victorious Superstar as

a unit. Although Dragunov braced himself for a fight when Barthel & Aichner stepped toward him, the duo simply traveled past him en route

to compete on their sacred mat. And Wolfe motioned for Dragunov to follow him to the backstage area.




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