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Free Online AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 Live Stream




Wednesday is just around the corner which means it’s almost time for another amazing edition of “DYNAMITE” for your enjoyment!

After a wild “FIGHT FOR THE FALLEN” last week that saw Jon Moxley retain his World Title over Brian Cage,

Cody retain his TNT Championship against Sonny Kiss, The Elite reunite, Nyla unite with Vickie Guerrero, and the Lucha Brothers clash with FTR,

it’s time to hit the airwaves once again! 8pm EST/7pm CST on TNT, or for our international audience


Embedded above is a little flashback to the last time these two teams collided in a straight up tag team match,

nearly six months ago when “DYNAMITE” came to Cleveland, and on that night it was the brothers Jackson who came out victorious.

They suffered for the victory, but it was a victory nonetheless.

Free Online AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 Live Stream


Several weeks ago, Matt and Nick were the victims of an assault from Butcher and Blade,

an attack that would ultimately herald the arrival of FTR into AEW when Dax and Cash would save the brothers from the attack.

And just two weeks ago, in the conclusion of a hellacious four on four match pitting The Bucks and FTR against B&B and The Lucha Brothers,

Butcher and The Blade were on the winning side of the equation albeit it was their partners who scored the decisive pitfall over The Young Bucks.

It could be considered a moral victory for B&B, but that is not what these two warriors are about.

They want the win, they want the respect, they want the hearts of Matt and Nick Jackson.

Free Online AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 

Look at the big picture, when the tag team division of All Elite Wrestling is discussed it is The Young Bucks, Page and Omega, FTR,

The Lucha Brothers, Private Party, or The Best Friends who get brought up when discussing the depth of talent. Butcher and Blade are often neglected,

left on the outs by fans and pundits alike, despite their monstrous physical presence and their high level of skill once the bell rings.

This match is the moment it can all change for The Butcher and The Blade,

where the acknowledgment of their talent and their place in the AEW tag team hierarchy can be declared.

The Young Bucks, whether they hold the championship or not, are as much a face of the division (if not AEW as a whole) as Kenny Omega and Hangman Page.

Defeating them, especially after the high of last week’s victory, would be a tremendous boost to B&B, especially when the pair has not touched the top five rankings in ages.

Free Online AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 

The fact that this is also a Falls Count Anywhere match would seem to tilt the scales in the favor of Butcher and Blade,

but Matt and Nick have certainly shown throughout the career what they’re capable of when rules are tossed out the window.

Cody has amassed five successful title defenses in the sixty days since he captured the TNT Championship at “DOUBLE OR NOTHING”,

five defenses against five very different athletes, and with just one week since his last defense against.

AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 Live 

When Cody captured the title, he promised to cut a pace unlike any other as the champion,

and that is certainly not a debatable fact. No other champion in AEW, probably in all of modern wrestling,

has tested themselves like Cody has in such a short period of time.

It’s impressive, admirable, courageous, but after some of what fans witnessed last week,

it is worth questioning if the pace is beginning to wear on the champion.

AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 Live 

To say Cody was hyper-aggressive in his title defense against Kiss would be an understatement, as an example,

he ripped the top turnbuckle pad off to expose the steel underneath,

clearly with an intent to use it as a weapon like he did over a year ago in that legendary fight with brother Dustin at the first “DOUBLE OR NOTHING”.

It may have been Cody who ended up eating the bolt, but it wasn’t Sonny who put the situation into play.

And Arn Anderson had no problem putting Cody on blast for how he took the match..

Online AEW Dynamite 

Maybe it was the watchful eyes of Tully Blanchard sitting in the stands, maybe Kiss was more of a challenge than the champion expected,

maybe there is something deeper going on inside Cody that’s nagging at him

take Cody’s past allusions to his own standing within The Elite as an example of a possible lingering issue. Whatever the case may be,

the frustration Cody felt one week ago was right out on front street for the world to see,

and one has to wonder if that will bleed into this week’s TNT Championship Open Challenge.

AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020

a fighter who stepped up to challenge Cody like Jake Hager or a man who earned it like Jungle Boy,

every individual Cody has faced has proven deserving of their opportunity, and pushed the champion to his limits (if not beyond) each time.

Cody has to anticipate that will be the case once again this week, but just like the rest of us,

he will have to wait until Wednesday night to find out who will receive the next opportunity to take the TNT Championship title from his grasp…


Free Online AEW Dynamite 22 07 2020 Live Stream


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