Free Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online

Watch Free Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online DX-TV

WWE Payback 2020 Free Full Show Online
WWE Payback 2020 Free Full Show Online




Free Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online



WWE Payback 2020 will take place on Sunday, August 30 at 7pm ET/4pm PT

(Midnight on Sunday, August 23 into Monday, August 31 in the UK)


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WWE Universal Championship: ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt (c) vs

Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns [No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match]

While everyone predicted a Fiend victory at SummerSlam to mark ,

his one-year anniversary, no-one saw that aftermath coming.

Having sat out the rest of the pandemic era, Roman Reigns popped up out of nowhere ,

and laid the smacketh down on both Braun Strowman AND The Fiend.

He’s got plenty of juicy history with both men, and of course,

he’s got plenty of history with the WWE Universal Championship.

Does he deserve to be hotshot straight into this Triple Threat Match within days of his return?

Pah, no-one “deserves” anything in pro-wrestling, and we ain’t gonna argue with the pedigree of the Big Dog.

And while both Braun and The Fiend have plenty of incentive to put Reigns back on the shelf,

he’s looking as strong (and as smart) as ever,

and seems poised to yank back the title that he very much believes is his birthright.

PREDICTION: Roman Reigns

Free Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online

WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews (c) vs Bobby Lashley

The new WWE United States Championship isn’t quite the show-stealer it could be (yet),
but at least it’s constantly on telly and constantly being defended on PPV,
too (even if it does get shunted to the pre-show).
But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you can’t put the shine on a title with a new belt alone.

Apollo Crews is very much doing his bit with solid title defences to make the US Title great again,

and we’re firmly backing him to do the same again at Payback.

That’s despite the likely interference from Shelton Benjamin and MVP.

We think that Crews is just too strong right now to give up this hard-earned strap, whatever the odds.

PREDICTION: Apollo Crews

Free Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship:

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

After all that on-off-off-on teasing for what felt like DECADES,
surely but surely this is where things begin to implode for Sasha Banks and Bayley.

The best frenemies are still tag team champs, of course,

but while Bayley hung on to her singles title against Asuka with an assist from Sasha,

she didn’t exactly return the favour.

That meant Asuka walked out of SummerSlam as WWE Raw Women’s Champion,

and Sasha Banks walked out as the junior partner of her tag team with Bayley,


Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show

which isn’t a spot she’ll relish one bit.

It seems inevitable that this is where things go south,

but the only question is who throws who through the metaphorical barbershop window.

Will Sasha drop Bayley in it in a fit of jealous pique, or will Bayley cut her partner free?

Either way, the fledgling team of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler look poised to pick up ,

the pieces and walk out as tag champs.

And then perhaps the belts can become a prize in their own right,

rather than the prop for singles feuds they seem to have turned into of late.

PREDICTION: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax


WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online

Keith Lee vs Randy Orton

After stomping his way through NXT, Keith Lee made a big entrance on the Raw after SummerSlam,

and he’s earned this marquee match immediately.

Technically it’s already a rematch from his Raw debut,

but that fight was predictably truncated as the various interested parties got involved.

For his part, Randy Orton was on the edge of capping off ,

one of the greatest ever WWE returns to form with a stunning title win,

but Drew McIntyre was just too strong for him.

Both men have a load to gain and plenty to lose here.

Keith Lee has talked big and needs to back it up to prove he should be at the top despite his recent promotion.

Randy Orton MUST win if he’s to stay in the title picture and not be shunted right down the pecking order.

We think this one is almost too tough to call, but we’ll give it to Randy, with Lee likely to take him to the very edge.



WWE Payback 2020 Online


Dominik and Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins and Murphy 

Many thought this would all be over after that Eye for an Eye Match,

but Rey has re-signed with the WWE,

got his eye popped back in, and teamed up with his son Dominik.

Seth got the beating of Dom in their SummerSlam encounter,

but the younger Mysterio gave one hell of a good impression on his debut,

and now he has a chance to get a measre of, well, Payback.

Seth Rollins and Murphy have got themselves into a neat little team, and of course their rule-bending,

eye-plucking behaviour will always give them a certain amount of edge.

But the Mysterios have been waiting Dominik’s whole life for this,

and they aren’t going to pass up the chance to make a significant statement of intent.

PREDICTION: Dominik and Rey Mysterio


Free WWE Payback 2020 Full Show 


Matt Riddle vs King Corbin

Many of us predicted massive things for Matt Riddle once he made his way from the indies to NXT,

and again to the main roster, but it’s fair to say it’s all in the balance right now.

What is imperative is that he doesn’t get bogged down in the lower or midcard,

and instead springboards those bare feet of his up the running order as fast as possible.

To that end he needs to make short work of King Corbin, and we think he will.

Corbin has kept his crown a lot longer than many recent(ish) Kings of the Ring,

and for his trouble has entrenched himself as a sort of irritant barrier to aspiring babyfaces.

So he’ll put up a fight, but Riddle will overcome and be hoping,

he can put Corbin to one side quickly and look for much bigger fish.


Free Live WWE Payback 2020 Full Show Online





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