**Attention Please**

From now 2020 09 15 all content for free and premium for all visitors ,

Will see on all posts free links download more 15 Hosts with normal / speed download ,

And will see premium hosts to download with very high speed as your max speed if you like it.

And if you need to download from Big speed and Directory to local PC without enters any host download ,

just make simple Donations $10 to receive account FTP with very high speed over 100 MB speed with no limited speed,

Just i want from everyone visit DX-TV.com to Vote if you like this work with free content on post Donations with new comment

And you can make Donation to Keep Alive DX-TV to continues this work for free for everyone

– I know all everyone need to know why i posted all links free on shortner links ?

 – I am do that becuse all links free and premium if i post them without shortenr links,

the site will lost sEO and all links will do spamming so i can’t do all them without shortner links 

and just help me from ads to paid all costs server and more


Donations To Keep Alive


Please after make donation send me on my mail  : [email protected]

Donations DX-TV




webmoney WMZ   :   Z237859744383



Bit-Coin : 1DjEFXeawu5BozAyDLY9vLaajicbXNaWdP

Donations To Keep Alive



Tank you for help us 


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