Day 10 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 06 -NJPW Free Live

Watch Day 10 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 06 -NJPW Free Live DX-TV


G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10


G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10



Watch Day 10 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 06 -NJPW Free Live


NJPW G1 Climax 30 – Day 10 :Preview:


Hiroshima double header starts with B Block October 6


The second night of a grueling four day stretch for g1 competitors sees the first of a double header in Hiroshima Sun Plaza Hall.

Now at the midway point of the tournament, everything is still to play for in B block. 

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

Hiroshi Tanahashi (2-2) vs KENTA (2-2)

Singles record 1-0 KENTA (2019 G1)


Styles and philosophies will clash in the main event in Hiroshima when Hiroshi Tanahashi and KENTA meet, each hoping to improve their even 2-2 to a winning six point record by the end of the night. These two athletes first met one on one in last year’s G1,

when KENTA took great pride in delivering Go2Sleep to Tanahashi to score victory. Then, KENTA was still his own man, having joined NJPW at the invitation of Katsuyori Shibata, and it was arguably the boos he received from the NJPW loyalist crowd in Ota Gymnasium that might have convinced KENTA to join BULLET CLUB by the end of the tour. 

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

Having spent his entire Japanese career, and certainly his time in BULLET CLUB, pursuing his own vision of professional wrestling regardless of what the fans or promotions’ in house styles might expect, KENTA certainly still stands in contrast to Tanahashi’s love of the crowd and pursuit of their appreciation.

That appreciation has finally been gained by the Ace after a first roll-up victory against Juice Robinson in Korakuen Hall and an emphatic High Fly Flow delivered to YOSHI-HASHI in Nagaoka, putting him even at four points. Can he improve to six in Hiroshima?

Watch Day 10 G1 CLIMAX 30 2020 10 06

YOSHI-HASHI (1-3) vs Tetsuya Naito (3-1)

Singles record 6-0 Naito G1 record 2-0 Naito 


The fifth match of Tetsuya Naito’s G1 Climax 30 campaign is the first to not be in the main event, as he takes on YOSHI-HASHI in the second match from the top of the card. Before the G1 started, Naito lamented that wrestling someone of his level should warrant main event status regardless of the opponent, and that he he was pained to not be wrestling in the top match of the card on nights like these.

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

As these events were being pieced together, perhaps a look at the win-loss record between Naito .

and YOSHI-HASHI explains the relative positioning of this match; after all, including two matches where both were Young Lions,

Naito is six and zero against a man he has often berated in YOSHI-HASHI. Yet the Headhunter,

despite a 1-3 record thus far in the tournament has wrestled consistently ,

at the highest level of his career so far in G1 30, and arguably through all of 2020.

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

It would be a grave mistake to automatically suggest Naito will move to eight points here tonight,

and YOSHI-HASHI could certainly make El Ungovernable sweat.

These two men’s past goes all the way back to mutual training in Animal Hamaguchi’s gym,

before they both had their first NJPW tryouts in 2005;

a tryout Naito passed alone, while YOSHI-HASHI would fail a further two times before life changed for him in an instant,

Could his G1 fortunes also change in an instant in Hiroshima with a win over the double IWGP champ?

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

Juice Robinson (3-1) vs EVIL (2-2)

Singles record: 2-0 EVIL G1 record: 1-0 EVIL


Juice Robinson is in strong form thus far in the G1, the only blemish on his record coming against the embodiment of goodness ,

and purity in NJPW in the form of Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Now he has to avoid a second loss against the embodiment of pure, well, the name tells the story. 

Juice does not have a good record against EVIL over the years, with a 0-2 record, but at the same time, the two haven’t wrestled one on one since the 2017 G1.

The then plucky underdog Juice was in his first tournament, but has undergone a radical transformation to become the force that he is now.

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

EVIL too has undergone his own transformation this year, and certainly is always a force to be reckoned with,

but his two victories, even over stablemate KENTA,

have both come with liberal assistance from Dick Togo. Does EVIL have enough to get the job done in this tournament on his own?

With the two stacking the deck so heavily against EVIL’s opponents, does it even matter if he can’t?

Certainly Juice relishes a battle with the deck stacked against him, and in Nagaoka,

he defeated Toru Yano to stop the master producer’s momentum dead,

even despite all the tricks being pulled out of the Yano playbook.

Robinson’s smarts could give him a similar edge against EVIL Monday. 

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

SANADA (1-3) vs Zack Sabre Jr. (2-2)

Singles record: 3-2 ZSJ G1 record 2-0 SANADA


SANADA’s match with Tetsuya Naito in the main event at Aore Nagaoka Thursday night finally got Cold Skull on the board after a very shaky start to the tournament indeed.

Conventional wisdom dictates that the fan favourite for B Block will need to keep winning through hi slast five matches, and faces a tough test against Zack Sabre Junior. 

Watch Day 10 G1 CLIMAX 30

SANADA’s victory against Tetsuya Naito might have saved him from the label of having an annus horibilis in 2020, but this difficult year started with a painful loss to ZSJ in the Tokyo Dome.

Outperformed on the grandest stage, SANADA struggled to find his momentum all the way until October 1 in essence,

the shadow of that loss looming large indeed. Yet in the G1, SANADA has the Briton’s number, and the same might well be the case here tonight.

That said, ZSJ is still riding high after a sub four minute victory against Hirooki Goto; will that confidence help Sabre to another victory, or will it be his undoing?


Hirooki Goto (1-2) vs Toru Yano (3-1)

Singles record: 5-5 G1 record: 3-1 Goto

While Toru Yano and Hirooki Goto’s record against one another is even, that gives lie to the fact that with few matches between the two in recent years, Goto is undefeated for the last six years against his CHAOS teammate. Those most recent matches have come from the G1, and in fact this is the third year straight that Goto and Yano have been in the same block.

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

Their matches this decade have hardly been marathon affairs, clocking in at five minutes 20 seconds: that isn’t one match,

or an average, that’s all of them. Put together. ‘Blink and you’ll miss it’ is the mantra when it comes to Goto and Yano,

and could be the key to victory for Yano this year especially.

Goto is already coming off the shortest match in the G1 so far against Zack Sabre Junior,

where he was defeated in a lightning fast sub four minute sprint; the fact is after KENTA’s attacks back on night two, Goto’s right shoulder is clearly troubling him,

and the fierce warrior is looking for quick knockout blows to get out the ring as quickly as possible, leaving him liable to be caught in a trap. 

G1 CLIMAX 30 Day 10

Yota Tsuji (3-2-1 this tour) vs Yuya Uemura (3-3 this tour)

Singles record 10-6-21 Tsuji (2-1 Tsuji this tour)


As Young Lion warfare continues, the standings took an interesting turn Thursday night in Nagaoka when Gabriel Kidd and Yota Tsuji wrestled to a draw, putting a clear distance, at least momentarily from Tsuji to Kidd,

and Kidd to Uemura in the win/loss records. With an immense amount of pride to battle for, Urmura needs to dig deep to redress a 2-1 record against Tsuji on this tour,

and a widening gap career wise between the two Young Lions who debuted together and are both on the cusp of greatness. A win over Kidd in Takamatsu helped his spirits, a win over Tsuji in Hiroshima will put him on top of the heap.


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