AEW Dynamite Live Online 2020 DEC 23 DX-TV

AEW Dynamite Live Online 2020 DEC 23 DX-TV

AEW Dynamite Live Online

 Watch Wrestling AEW Dynamite Live

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Dynamite Holiday Bash Preview for December 23


For the last month, since “The Bastard” PAC made his return to AEW, Eddie Kingston and his Family have been intimately involved with Death Triangle.

After months of trying to spin out the relationship between Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix.

The Mad King’s games blew up in his face, in large part due to PAC’s reemergence from exile.

The Lucha Brothers renewed their Death Triangle allegiance, and now Kingston.

with The Butcher and The Blade at his side, found the odds evened up with in-ring competition.

The Bunny may be at their side, and play a crucial role in the family’s successes, but when once the bell rings, she is not the one inside the ropes fighting Death Triangle.

AEW Dynamite Live Online

In addition to DT, Kingston has also earned the ire of “The Murderhawk Monster” Lance Archer since ALL OUT 2020 and the Casino Battle Royale.

Last week, each of those roads crossed as everyone aimed to get their hands on Kingston.

but the mutual desire of PAC and Archer to crush Eddie actually turned into fuel for a new animosity between those two men. Once again Eddie escaped his fate, but another member of his family has not.

 Dynamite Live Online

This week on DYNAMITE, for the just the second time since debuting in AEW, The Butcher will step inside the ring for a singles match against “The Bastard” PAC.

On November 18th, it was The Blade that ended up the first member of this family to fall at PAC’s hands.

but he and Butcher evened the score a week later in tag team action against PAC and Rey Fenix.

Then on November 9th it would be Kingston, Blade, and Butcher who would get a leg up on both Death Triangle .

and “The Murderhawk Monster” by beating Lance, Penta, and Fenix in Trios action.

AEW Dynamite Live Online

Now the table is set for PAC to collide with a second member of this familial triumvirate as he ultimately looks to get his hands on “The Mad King”.

Will “The Bastard” be able to mount a second head on his wall.

or can The Butcher stop PAC’s bloody vengeance before the machinations of Eddie Kingston catch up to him?






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