AEW Dynamite 2020 02 19 Live Stream

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AEW Dynamite


 AEW Dynamite





AEW Dynamite 2020 02 19 Live Stream


Preview last Show February 12, 2020


The opening contest was Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page, the AEW World Tag Team Champions, against the #1 ranked challengers,

SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, accompanied by “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels). The belts were at stake! Dynamite

Before the bell rang, the Dark Order appeared on the screen atop the entrance ramp and said the Exalted One was coming soon!

Chris Daniels told SCU he’d go to the back, leaving ringside to investigate whatever Dark Order may be planning . AEW 

Omega isolated Frankie’s shoulder with Steamboat-esque arm drag takeovers. Scorpio Sky kicked Omega in the back with a cheap shot.

Omega was rolled up by Frankie for a two count! SCU were vicious tonight, showing a bit of a mean streak. Scorpio Sky hit a beautiful flat

liner on Omega. They went for SCU Later but Page ran in to prevent it.AEW Dynamite


AEW Dynamite


Omega took down Sky with a hurracanrana, then a shotgun drop kick to Frankie, knocking him to the outside. Sky interfered again,

but Omega took out both members of SCU as he hurled himself over the top rope to the outside!

Omega hit a fishermen’s buster on Sky for a near fall, and then tagged in Page. Sky was tossed back with a fall away slam from Page.

Kazarian knocked “Hangman” off the top rope, and then muscled Omega into the corner turnbuckles.

“It’s almost a back-to-basics approach from SCU,” said Excalibur.


AEW Dynamite

SCU racked up a number of timely, quick tags, and worked over Omega’s lower back. Frankie hit a low cross body on Omega, and then

applied body scissors. Omega found the fighting spirit deep down inside and powered up to his feet, trying to make the tag. Page wasn’t

available, tending to his own injury. Finally Omega found “Hangman” for the tag, who worked as a one-man wrecking crew on SCU! Page

was connecting with consecutive running clotheslines in opposite sides of the ring to SCU AEW Dynamite 2020 02 19

Page went for the Buckshot Lariat, but Kazarian got out of the way. SCU used a swinging assisted DDT for a very near fall on Page! Kazarian

hit a cutter on Omega, and SCU had the champs in stereo submission holds, but Omega was able to knock him and his partner free.

Omega used the V-trigger, and then a snapdragon suplex on Kazarian. Page powerbombed Kazarian, and then they

finished things off with the Buckshot Lariat-V-Trigger combo on Kazarian for the pin!




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