AEW Dynamite 2020/02/05 Live Stream

AEW Dynamite 2020/02/05 Live Stream DX-TV


AEW Dynamite 2020/02/05


 AEW Dynamite


 Dynamite 2020/02/05



AEW Dynamite 2020/02/05 Live Stream



That brings us to this week where the four members of The Elite (or rather three members and Adam Page since he elected to recuse himself from the group weeks ago)

will collide with The Butcher and The Blade as well as The Lucha Bros! The history between The Bucks and The Lucha Bros here in AEW is well documented, between

the Escalera de la Muerte that was legendary in its violence, and their numerous battles over championship gold, the two teams helped shape the foundation of AEW.

Safe to say that one would be hard-pressed to find a team in professional wrestling who have been tougher opponents for Matt & Nick Jackson than Pentagon Jr

Pair them up with two hired assassins like The Butcher and The Blade, and right there you have all the makings of the deadliest quartet AEW may have to offer’

the kind of unit that covers all the bases, and ticks off all the boxes for the measures of professional wrestling AEW  

But with the World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Adam Page at their side, The Young Bucks have all the firepower they need to counteract what

will be standing across the ring from them in Alabama. As fans have seen, Page and Omega have gelled into an excellent pairing despite the initial reluctance

from Hangman, and the continued antics that (to date at least) he has contained to post-match revelry. Is it the sort of union that can last, that can withstand

the target they have on their backs as champions? Well that remains to be seen, but things like poking the Bucks as to who won the belts first won’t help as

AEW Dynamite 2020/02/05


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AEW Dynamite 2020/02/05 Live Stream




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