AEW Dynamite 2020/01/29 Online Live Stream

AEW Dynamite 2020/01/29 Online Live Stream DX-TV



AEW Dynamite






AEW Dynamite 2020/01/29 Online Live Stream



AEW DYNAMITE Preview for January 22nd


January 29th, 2020 Time  7:30 PM EST



Preview : AEW DYNAMITE Results January 22, 2020


It was immediately noticeable that Page and Omega came to the ring individually, despite being a team tonight. All four competitors had their game faces on, knowing exactly what was at stake.

The crowd chanted “Cowboy S—t!” as Page and Kazarian kicked things off. Kazarian took down Page with a side headlock. Kazarian unleashed a mean lariat on Page.

Sky was tagged in, and Page begrudgingly made the tag to his own partner, Kenny Omega. Omega repeatedly drove the point of his elbow into Sky’s arm, and then he planted

Sky with a Kotaro Crusher! Page was tagged in and knocked Kazarian off the ring apron, isolating Sky, and then working him over.

Sky was able to make the tag to Kazarian, and the champs used teamwork for a quick flurry of offense on Page. “SCU is very well prepared,” said Jim Ross.

Omega saved Page from a pin fall, but the tag team clinic on display from SCU continued. Kazarian used a backstabber on Page. Finally Omega was the legal man, hitting

a huracarana on Kazarian, then a fisherman’s buster on Sky! Omega used a buckle bomb and a power bomb on Scorpio Sky for a near fall. Omega pulled out a V-trigger on

Sky, but Sky was able to fight off the “One-Winged Angel” attempted by Omega! Page jumped for the buckshot lariat, missing Sky, and inadvertently connecting with Omega! Sky covered Omega for a two count.



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