Freelance vs. CZW
July 8th, 2016
Chicago, Il

**This is the full, edited VOD/DVD version, enjoy!**

1. 6 Way Scramble
2. Two Out of Three Falls Table Match:
Ethan Page vs. Robert Anthony
3. Bryce Benjamin vs. Stevie Fierce
4. Jazmin Jones vs. Rob Matter
5. Team CZW (Brittany Blake, Conor Claxton, David Starr & Joe Gacy)
vs. Team Freelance (Arik Cannon, Chris Castro, Sally Stitches & Space Monkey)
6. Ultraviolent Rules:
DJ Hyde vs. Sugar Dunkerton
7. I Quit Match:
Dominic Cialoni vs. GPA
8. CZW World Title:
Isaias Velazquez vs. Matt Tremont (c)
9. Freelance Title:
Jonathan Gresham vs. Prince Mustafa Ali (c)





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