Dragon Gate – Brand New Gate
Live from Korakuen Hall on Nov 10th 2016
Video 672×378 x264 1000 kbps
Audio 44100 Hz mp3 96 kbps
Ripped/remuxed from Nicovideo
WARNING: They’re back to MP3 audio again so your player has to support MP3 audio otherwise you get no sound.

Well, well, well, it’s another Dragon Gate Korakuen upload in time for your weekend. This might be the last one I do for a while because the December Korakuens are both live on Gaora Sports and Final Gate is on Christmas so there’s no point in me uploading those shows. Anyway the gimmick for this show is that it was a mystery card so I am not going to include one here as that might be SPOILERS. Have fun…






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